Chapter 4: The Sidequest

>> Go to the CAFETERIA (as an uber-slacking employee, we probably know where it is)

You do know that the APEX MICROCHIPS CAFETERIA is on FLOOR 10. You head to the ELEVATORS, go down to FLOOR 10, and come out at the CAFETERIA.

You buy a pack of HONEY ROASTED NUTS, which costs $1.06 (99 cents, plus 7 cents tax.) You hand your money to the CAFETERIA CASHIER. You now have $1.95 remaining.

>> Contemplate the possibility of there being another OTHERWORLDLY LINE

You wonder if there might be another OTHERWORLDLY LINE somewhere. ...Even if there was, you sure don't have any idea where to start looking for it. And your skill at grabbing IMAGINARY OBJECTS is so low that trying to grab that LINE out of your THOUGHT BUBBLE would just be a waste of time.

>> Shoplift an extra pack of peanuts.

You consider this, but your INVENTORY is already full!

>> Throw peanuts at cashier and demand tax money back

The CAFETERIA CASHIER hasn't been anything but nice to you! But in your stubbornness, you demand your tax money back. The CASHIER, of course, refuses, citing that he's just doing his job. You throw your HONEY ROASTED NUTS at the CASHIER, who instead catches them, opens the bag, and walks away while starting to eat them.

You've lost your HONEY ROASTED NUTS.

>> Shoplift an extra pack of peanuts.

Since the situation changed and you now have a free inventory space again, you sneakily grab another bag of HONEY ROASTED NUTS.

>> Go back to office
>> Look for a VTLHRN

You get a sneaking feeling that the VTLHRN is either unrelated to your current escapade or not in your office. You're not sure which. Maybe if you knew more about it?

>> Find a way to bend the Otherworldly line into an extra inventory space.

You still can't interact with the OTHERWORLDLY LINE in any way. You might as well forget it's there for now, because it seems to be lodged in your INVENTORY and won't budge.

>> Go Spartan mode on the cashier

He still seems like a nice guy. You'd rather not bring unnecessary turmoil down upon him.

>> Take ALL monies from the register.

The CASH REGISTER is locked! You can even see the KEYHOLE to access its contents. What is it with this company and using keys for everything? However, you see a FIVE-DOLLAR BILL under the CASH REGISTER. Perhaps the CASHIER forgot to put it in the drawer after a transaction. You greedily take it.

>> leave DIMEQUARTER on COUNTER as a tip (throwing the peanuts and stealing a new bag was pretty rude)

You do that, too. By losing a QUARTER and gaining a FIVE-DOLLAR BILL, you now have a total of $6.70!

On an unrelated note, your MAGIC TAB indicates that enough time has passed, and you have regained 1 MP.

>> investigate other items in the store.

You investigate the CAFETERIA's current selection of four items more closely. LEIS seem to be normal potato chips. The bags of DOORITOS (shaped like a door, no less) appear to be cheesy chips. The HONEY ROASTED NUTS have no exterior markings. You can only see one side of the BOTTLE OF SODA, but you turn it and learn that it is called ANSI.

>> Grab a bunch of those red things in your arms and run for it!

You're more ethical than that (despite having just stolen $5 and a second bag of peanuts.) Besides, you really don't want to get fired.

>> Wonder how long you've been at work today.

You got here around starting time, so hour, if you had to guess? Maybe less.

>> Contemplate going home.

Your workday isn't over yet! It all comes full circle on that not-wanting-to-get-fired thing.