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 Post subject: Tavern Legends, by Erador
PostPosted: December 20th, 2014, 10:52 pm 
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Priest of Saradomin

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Tavern Legends
by Erador

Here I give a tale of mine, so listen young,
listen old
and watch as this story unfolds
deep in past and history,
I sing this song,
of bravery:

Once upon a nighttime dream,
I thought I saw a fat old lady scream!
she was large and wrinkly,
and the screaming was sickly.

Then it all changed,
and to Runescape came.
but the land was strange
and the graphics made acclaim!

A man came to me
"Hey sonny can you see?"
"Yes" I said "I can"
"Ok, ok, then boy, grab your armor and follow me!"

Thinking this odd, and
that this old man could be a fraud
I grabbed my great dragon axe and followed him to see
his facts.

To a great crest he took me
my mind boggling
his hair fuming
"This is your test, oh knight,
kill the dragon,
and save the night"

Not understanding,
failing to find my standing
I grabbed a hold of self
and went ahead to the crest.

Over the crest was a mountain
with a great hole leaping.
drinking my strength not
I entered without a thought.

Inside was a Black Dragon
huge and scaly tall and fiery

But asking god to protect me
I started to attack, pretending I'm friendly the
dragon fell for the trick
and so I began my attack!
Slash and block
smash his conk!

It was a deadly fight
in which the one who won was much ahead in might
I smote the dragon, and bashed his head
and to my great surprise,
he did indeed fall down dead!

And so the night was saved
and the old man did he praise
the gaping hole did cave
and I got a Medal,
for the deed I did was brave

Yes my friends,
this tale is true
it teaches us of life
and of great virtue

Here I must depart my tale
and ends for ends
for my friend who lends
money and wisdom to me
for those are the most hidden in my treasury.


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