Welcome back!

We say 'welcome back' because, if you've stumbled across this site, it's likely that it meant something to you at some point in your life. Rest assured, the core identity of RuneVillage is still preserved. However we are no longer a RuneScape fansite, or a site for any specific purpose — this page and various others exist solely as our means of preserving what remains of our history, and our community.

RuneVillage was created in November 2002, and for a time it was among the leading RuneScape fansites. You may have noticed, however, traditional RuneScape fansites are largely becoming a thing of the past, replaced by wikis, subreddits, and RuneScape's official forums. Since around 2013, the administrative team determined that it was no longer viable to continue exerting our community's efforts into becoming any sort of RuneScape or independent fansite — but rather instead, appreciate the legacy that we'd built throughout all the years.

To your right, you'll notice some familiar categories. Our Library contains original stories written by members of our community. The link below that chronicles the history of one of our longest and most diverse projects - The Villager newspaper. The Archive is our storage vault of some of our most historic and impactful posts made by our staff, special teams, and individual users.

Last but not least is our Discord channel! Yes, we have modernized since the days of MeepChat, IRC, and FlashChat. It is our de-facto official chatroom, run by our very own Topsummoner. Our Discord — which has existed since 2016 — has branched out into multiple areas of interest; from general discussion, to Minecraft gaming and events, and there's even a politics section too if you want to waste an afternoon.

For many Villagers, the Forums/ThePub was their main form of exposure to RuneVillage. For the sake of transparency, we have regretfully been having some intermittent downtime with the forums. They can be up and fine for several months, and down for an equal duration of time. We cannot guarantee that the forums will always exist — however we can guarantee that we will try our best to maintain them — to the greatest degree of our ability, for as long as we can. In fact they may be down at the time of your reading this; but if they're up, stop by and say hello!

- Jackstick