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 Post subject: Why I Oppose Harmonized Runite Mining
PostPosted: February 25th, 2015, 12:21 am 

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I thought I'd pop in here for the first time in forever to make one simple topic, because various people have been asking me why I've been doing what I've been doing.

What follows is a comprehensive explanation so that people can at least have an alternative theory to "Oh that Water Pump guy is a troll".

One fine day I was gleefully mining the runite ores in the Trahaern district of Prifddinas. Somebody named "x Claire x" came running up to me saying "Stop! Join 'Harmed Ore' fc". Curious, I did, and discovered a whole new way to mine many runite ores over the course of an hour.

I quickly enough acquired a recruit rank in the friend chat because of my helpfulness or whatever, and so a couple of months would go by. Eventually, the owner(s) felt it prudent to promote me to a high enough rank where I could kick/ban other people. Fine, whatever. We had troublemakers on a frequent basis, so this seemed wise.

On 7 February 2015 I logged into the game at about 5:15am and sure enough the Voice of Seren was on the Trahaern hour. I hopped to it and began kicking out the lobby sitters, as was the policy.

Suddenly, and without any kind of warning, I was kicked out of the friend chat.

Perhaps it was because I was 2/3 asleep still and irritable, or perhaps it was because there was snow outside, but I snapped. I immediately declared war on the friend chat and set to work mining the west runite rock (the only one that harmonizes) across as many servers as I could manage.

About 6 hours later I would log back in and consult with the friend chat owner and explain to him my side of the story. His response to me was that I was kicked out for mining the unharmonized west runite rock. I told him that, no, that's not what happened, I was kicked out for no reason and then began doing that. He didn't reply further.

So, to that end, I organized a group to counteract the friend chat. Every Trahaern hour, we take to an assigned set of member servers and patrol them, ensuring they remain continually empty throughout, thereby denying anyone runite.

The reason why I'm so doing is simple enough: Principle.

The friend chat (and its derivatives) has become overrun with power tripping idiots who think they own Prifddinas. I've personally witnessed abuse at the hands of some of these "ranks", and have received a fair bit of it myself (prior to my "turning to the dark side", mind).

The "Occupy Trahaern Movement", if you like, will persist until someone with some sense is willing to communicate with me and acknowledge that I was unfairly treated and that they intend to make some changes to the way things are run.

I like getting 250 runite ores in an hour as much as the next person, but I feel obligated to take a stand. Most people are sheep and don't stand up against things that are wrong; I guess that makes me a "troll", "kid", "idiot", "complete f***", "fgt", and whatever other creative labels the less intelligent care to hurl at me.

I'd apologize, but frankly I see little to apologize for. 200+ runite in one hour? Spoiled much... :facepalm:

Thanks for reading.


 Post subject: Re: Why I Oppose Harmonized Runite Mining
PostPosted: March 19th, 2015, 5:41 am 
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Sounds like a pain in the arse at times! To be honest I don't even know what this mining place is, I haven't played for so long! But people have always had "teams" to help themselves.

I remember the old 100+ level pest control chats on swiftkit back in the day!

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