Chapter 2: The IT Department

>> Kick door to IT Department Down, rather than risk being electrocuted as a stupid prank someone attempted by rigging an electrical source to the Doornob.

Not one for subtlety, you kick the FLOOR 18 DOOR clear off of its hinges. It might have been a cool move, but in hindsight you look really, really silly.

Also there's probably something against this in the APEX MICROCHIP COMPANY CODE OF ETHICS.

>> Brag to IT guys about your victory.

Before you can brag about your victory, the IT DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEE begins scolding you.

"What the heck did you do? You kicked the door to the stairway entirely out of its frame! Do you realize how many spiders we're going to have to deal with now?"

You decide to skip the pleasantries and show him your CLAIM CHECK.

"...October 2008? Oh, I know--the one that's been sitting on our shelves for months. If you want it, there's a late fee of $1.75. Just be glad I'm not fining you to fix the door."

>> Attempt to haggle with IT guy to lower the late fee price.
>> Use penny to bribe IT guy to look the other way as you reclaim your computer.

It doesn't work. Your BARTERING LEVEL is way too low!

>> Distract ICT guy and steal computer

You're pretty sure your COMPUTER is in the room behind the IT DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEE, and the only way you can get it back is if he goes and gets it for you. Tough luck!

>> take bell
>> Take bell and equip.

You remove the CLAIM CHECK from your inventory and place it on the ledge. In a flash of agility, you grab the BELL and equip it. You might not be able to do much damage with it, but the SPECTRUM OF SOUND WAVES is surely in for it now!

>> ring BELL repeatedly until demands are met.

You start ringing your equipped BELL in the name of truth, justice, and getting your COMPUTER back.

The IT DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEE is understandably quite annoyed at your antics, but he offers to waive the late fee if you just hand over your CLAIM CHECK, give him your awesome-looking STAPLER, and return the BELL to its proper location. (He's probably just paying it himself to get you out of his hair.)

>> accept OFFER

You accept the IT DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEE's offer. You give him your CLAIM CHECK and put the BELL back where it belongs. Reluctantly, you also hand over your PINK STAPLER. You probably weren't going to use it for anything else anyway, but you feel like it's been a part of you forever. Parting is such sweet sorrow.


OH MAN WHAT AN IDEA. Being as suave as you can possibly muster, you non-chalantly ask for your PINK STAPLER back. You never shook on the deal or anything, so it's still yours, right?

The IT DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEE apparently disagrees, and regards you with another wave of contempt. What a jerk.

>> Turn "Please Ring Bell" sign upside down.

As soon as the IT DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEE heads to the back room to go fetch your COMPUTER, you immediately run over and shift the "PLEASE RING BELL" SIGN. That'll teach him for not giving you back your STAPLER!


For little to no reason at all, you start dancing to your heart's content. You're finally getting your COMPUTER back; what a joyous occasion this is! You can dance if you want to, and you can certainly leave those STAIRWELL-DWELLING SPIDERS behind!

The IT DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEE suddenly comes in from the side with your COMPUTER and wonders what the heck you're doing.

>> follow up with "NO SERIOUSLY, I WANT MY STAPLER."

You decide to give your plea a second try, as if the IT DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEE simply didn't understand you the first time. Surely he's had a change of heart and will give you back your PINK STAPLER now, right?

Wrong. Apparently he's had just about enough of your antics, and equips the PINK STAPLER on his own. If you don't grab your COMPUTER and get out, he says, he'll open fire. Given your LEVEL 1 status and inherently-low HIT POINTS, you probably shouldn't test his patience any more than you already have.