The Villager
Because You're Worth It.

Ladies and Gentlemen

This day has been coming for a long, long time, and I must first say something to a few special people.

Members of The Villager usergroup; I am sorry. You guys work exceptionally hard and I took that for granted. You deserve better than what I have given you lately, well that will all change!

ANYWAY, soppyness aside -


Welcome to what, Gamey?!

Well its another edition of the Villager, silly!

And it's about damn time we came back, and I am so happy that we are. Some of the smarter ones out there may realise that we no longer have the jazzy new template that we had last time -- That is due to many reasons, the biggest being It wasn't fun!

Well, we are back with a vengence! Lots and lots of articles this month; the workers have been working their socks off to bring you top-notch aritcles!

So, without further-ado, lets get down to business.



P.S. If you want to join the Villager Staff please PM Gamestar on the Forums.