The events on the previous page were The Adventures of Jimmy's final storyline update. It was a lot of fun over the year-and-a-quarter it lasted, but in the end there were a lot of contributing factors that made my decision to end it. Besides a sudden lack of free time from getting a new job and trying out other side projects, I had noticed my readership declining quite a bit simply because fewer people were browsing our forums. I knew that if I wanted to do this sort of project and be able to make it live on, I'd have to do it where the entire internet could join in, on my own web site.

Also around this time, I discovered my original animated slideshow I made in Junior High featuring Poor Shark. I had every intention of throwing him in TAoJ as a cameo on one of the computer desktop images in Resandeve. But then I put two and two together, decided to turn Poor Shark! into its own project as an online webcomic, and the rest is history!

The following Flash animation was my actual final update of The Adventures of Jimmy, when I announced to my friends that I was stopping work on Jimmy to start on something new.