Chapter 13: The Hacker

H-hey! I know him! That's Wayne Bruce, one of Guitierrez's most trusted employees! People call him "Hax" just because of how powerful he is! This is bad, Jimmy--very bad! Do something, and fast!

>> Jimmy: Spin around on pick axe for fun
>> Jimmy: Spin around on pickaxe and use your newfound dizziness to be unpredictable and accidently dodge attacks.

Wha--not unless you have a death wish! You have an inkling that not only would your dizziness probably become your downfall, but that TRENT would yell at you for doing something so foolish at a dire time such as this.

>> Trent: Distract Wayne somehow, play a trick on him or something.
>> Trent: "Tank" the boss since he has more HP by tickling his sides. All guys are ticklish on the ribs, it will buy some time!

Tickling WAYNE "HAX" BRUCE would be the perfect, DISTRACTION! TRENT rushes forward to do just that!

HAX fires SUPERFAST ROCKETS that move faster than TRENT can evade! They do a small amount of damage, but it's damage nonetheless. HAX is quick--as soon as one ROCKET is fired off from his ROCKET MACHINE GUN, he swiftly reloads another with a simple flick of his WRIST.

>> Jimmy: Sneak up behind Wayne while Trent is distracting and knock him out in the back of his head with the pick axe

As TRENT gets blasted by the SUPERFAST ROCKETS, you try to move around to whack HAX in the back of the head with your PICKAXE.

Unfortunately, HAX turns the tables on you as well! You can't get anywhere near him.

>> Jimmy: Shine miner hat's light on Wayne's eyes.

Excellent idea! You switch on the LIGHT on your BUCKET MINING SANTA HELMET, which casts a bright glare into HAX's eyes! He has to squint to see you, which greatly lowers his EVASION!

>> Jimmy: Throw pickaxe at him and if possible proceed to take him by surprise and take his weapon

You have 2 MP, so you decide to use up 1 of your MAGIC POINTS to cast HASTE on your PICKAXE and fling it straight towards HAX. The sheer speed of the FLYING PICKAXE combined with HAX's lowered EVASION means that the attack succeeds and does a moderate amount of damage!

>> Trent: If Wayne squints from the light, shoot. He can't see where you aim.
>> Trent: Shoot Wayne in the head, repeat until done
>> Trent: Shoot for the head!

TRENT steps forward and fires all six of his BULLETS! HAX manages to raise his WEAPON, which deflects half of your shots, but three BULLETS hit him, doing heavy damage! ...Unfortunately, TRENT is now out of AMMUNITION.

>> Stuff Jaitia in the barrel

TRENT takes one of your pieces of REFINED JAITIA and tries to stuff it into his HANDGUN in a last-ditch effort to make BULLETS out of them. They're kind of all smooshed and brittle, but three of them end up in his GUN's AMMO CHAMBER. Whether they'll actually fire or not is probably a different story altogether.

>> Jimmy: Fire staples into the barrel of "hax"s gun, hopefully jamming it
>> Jimmy: Fire staples at Wayne's hands.

You fire 6 STAPLES at HAX's ROCKET MACHINE GUN in an attempt to jam it.

They harmlessly bounce off of the LOADED ROCKET at the end. Whoops!

You have 44 STAPLES left.

HAX fires another ROCKET at you, but it seems to practically float in mid-air as it slowly glides your way!

Oh snap! Jimmy, you know how his Superfast Rockets do minimal damage? This must be a Superslow it's really going to hurt!! We've got to take care of it before it touches us or even gets anywhere close!