Chapter 10: The Castle

Enough time has passed, and you automatically regain 1 MP. You now have 2 MAGIC POINTS!

>> Gallop into the sunset.

It's like...9 AM or something. There's no SUNSET around here!

>> Walk all the way around the castle, look for another entrance or anything interesting.

You walk all the way around the CASTLE, staying clear of the PIRANHA-INFESTED MOAT, but fail to see anything interesting. On your rounds, you notice just the usual--the DRAWBRIDGE is up, which is connected to the TOWER somehow, and the CASTLE FRONT DOOR is shut.

>> If there are no other entrances, then find a very long and sturdy stick. Pole vault your way in.

You look around for a long, sturdy STICK with which to attempt a POLE VAULT. However, you fail to find anything remotely long enough that would additionally support your weight. (In fact, anything of even mediocre length went straight into the construction of the MINIATURE TROJAN HORSE.)

>> Begin digging a trench from the ocean towards the moat so that the moat empties out into the ocean.

The SOUTHERN PATH towards the OCEAN is on a slight INCLINE, since it heads up toward the SOUTHERN MOUNTAIN RANGE and all. Digging a TRENCH would require making a deeper and deeper trough as time went on, and even then you might actually be below SEA LEVEL right now since you seem to be surrounded by MOUNTAINS. Doing this would probably take too long to be useful.

>> Cast Gravity on Piranha to make them sink

Man, there sure are a whole lot of PIRANHA in this lake! Several of them peek at you hungrily from the safety of their WATERS. If you were to cast GRAVITY on them, they would surely sink...but then several more would probably come and quickly take their place! There's just too many PIRANHA for this option to be viable, especially if you don't have INFINITE MP.

>> Cast Gravity on water to make it heavy enough to crush the fish

Aha! This idea, on the other hand, is just crazy enough to work!

You cast GRAVITY on a section of the MOAT, and the SUPERHEAVY WATER stops the nearby PIRANHA from being able to surface! You have 1 MP remaining.

>> Cast Haste on self

You cast HASTE on yourself and feel your quickened reflexes activate! You now have no MAGIC POINTS left.

>> Run over water at speeds high enough to not sink

With the aid of the WEIGHED-DOWN PIRANHA and your CHEETAH-LIKE SPRINTING SPEED, you successfully dash across BURAM CASTLE's MOAT!