Chapter 9: The Forest

>> Check out Jaitia collection point wearing miner's helmet and pickaxe as somewhat of a disguise.

You head to the edge of BURAM VILLAGE, where the MINE CARTS are. Again, you notice that the WESTERN TRACKS lead to the LOWER MINE TUNNEL, and the upper EASTERN TRACKS lead to the UPPER MINE TUNNEL. But where do these other EASTERN TRACKS lead? They go directly into the FOREST. You decide to head through the TREES and check out the JAITIA COLLECTION POINT.

After walking for about ten minutes, you come to a very small CLEARING in the EASTERN FOREST. The MINE CART TRACKS stop abruptly for some reason, with no MINE CARTS or anything else in sight. A SPIDER is suspended from a nearby TREE.

>> Dance with joy after noticing the newly found spider.
>> Do the spider dance.

SPIDER located! You do a quick little dance, alternative between HAPPY moves and SPIDERISH moves. You're not sure if your SPIDERISH moves resemble a SPIDER at all, actually, but no one's watching, so you do it anyway.

>> Recant the tale of your fallen spider friend in the form of a ballad to the best of your abilities

Your SPIDERESE is rusty, but you try to retell the story of your CUP-DWELLING SPIDER COMPANION to the best of your abilities. How he traveled with you in his tiny CUP ABODE and how he gave his life to deal the tide-turning blow to DREDLOCK, being flung off of his arm and thrown forevermore into the abyssmal...bluish area. You'll never forget him.

The only BALLAD you know is the BALLAD OF THE WIND FISH, and you're not sure you even recall the tune to that anymore. You attempt to sing the CUP-DWELLING SPIDER's praises, but it ends up being a cross between a BALLAD, a WALTZ, and an OPERA.

Regardless, you gain 35% TOCCATA EXPERIENCE for your musical explanation!

The SPIDER responds: "Good spider...honorable...friend..."

You're not entirely certain, but you think the SPIDER has struck a CHORD with your tale and also feels a sense of PRIDE and LOSS for your COMPANION.

Your chat earns you 12% LINGUISTICS EXPERIENCE!

You've learned a new ability: FLUENT SPIDERESE!
You now feel like you can perfectly understand the language of SPIDERS.

>> Engage in a rousing conversation between the spider discussing possible associations with said spider companion.

You ask again about your LOST COMPANION, and the TREE-DWELLING SPIDER replies.

"He sounded like a good man--a martyr, even. Unfortunately, I knew him not. I don't know of the building you speak of, or the stairwell where you found him, so there can be no relation. I've lived in these woods all my life."

>> Convince the spider to join your party.
>> Ask Spider to be your companion.
>> Using Spiderese, smooth talk the Spider into becoming your henchman.

"I appreciate the offer to join you on your journey, but I'm afraid I must decline. On the one hand, I wouldn't want to diminish the works of your previous companion with my lackluster experience. On the other, I'm perfectly content in these woods and do not currently wish to leave."

Your request fails, but you earn 5% PERSUASION EXP for trying.