>> APEX HELP SYSTEM "dataDyne"

First, you head back down one flight of stairs and enter your SUPERSPECIALAWESOME CUBICLE FORT OF SOLITUDE. It's a little bit darker in here than you remember, but that's probably because you have a ROOF now. Your MONITOR gives off a faint glow like most MONITORS do in dimly-lit areas.

You also decide you don't need a CHAIR. It would take up too much space anyway.

Searching for dataDyne doesn't seem to retrieve anything that you didn't already know. They're a Research and Development company...and that's about it?

>> APEX HELP SYSTEM "Cassandra"

Your search returns the names of four Cassandras apparently working with or in APEX MICROCHIPS, but no in-depth biographies.

>> apex help system:keycards

Searching for "KEYCARDS" doesn't return a thing. That's really odd, considering that you're in possession of an APEX MICROCHIPS RED KEYCARD right now. Why wouldn't there be any data for it...?

>> Check the help system for "Apex" while your at it. We need to know what Jimmy's job is, or at least what his company does

>> Send email to Cassandra if she wants to go out

Eh. You don't know who she is, what she's like, what she looks like, etc. You do know she's the CEO of an entire corporation, and that's more than enough for you to know that you don't have a chance. What do you think this is, "Hitch", starring Will Smith?

>> Brainstorm on where you can find a chair for your computer desk.

Probably nowhere, since all of the other CUBICLES appear to be empty. You really don't think you need a CHAIR, anyway, though.

>> Change desktop background

You give a fitting farewell to your The World Ends With You background.

You choose a new DESKTOP IMAGE based on another one of your favorite video games--Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions--which coincidentally holds one of your favorite video game quotes of all time.

[Delita Heiral]
"I was given the wardrobe of a nobleman, and so I played the part.
A puppet, ever dancing for the amusement of patrons unseen."

This line holds some real symbolism for you, although you couldn't really imagine why. Just one of those weird things in life!

>> APEX HELP SYSTEM "Jimmy Whateverourlastnameis"

>> APEX HELP SYSTEM "Cassandra de Vries"

It looks like getting in touch with MS. DE VRIES won't be likely.

>> Email all the Cassandra's and ask to get to know them. (1-4 chance isn't bad...)

Nah. You're not really in the market for a relationship. Besides, as far as female names that start with C and have 9 letters go, you're more of a fan of Catherine.