Chapter 5: The Manager

>> Comply with DREDLOCK's orders and take down the Dilbert comic

As you reach for the DILBERT COMIC to take it off your wall, you realize that there is something lodged behind it. You decide not to take the COMIC down anymore, just in case whatever is behind it is something you don't want DREDLOCK to see. Or something. He's such a jerk.

>> Bribe DREDLOCK to leave you alone.

It doesn't work! He's just as annoying as ever and now claims you're trying to bribe a MANAGER. Is there any point in having a BARTERING LEVEL if you can't successfully do any bartering...?

>> Accuse DREDLOCK of sexual harrassment. He's get whiny and go away.

No such luck! As soon as you accuse DREDLOCK of sexual harrassment, he launches into another tirade! He claims that he's read every single page of APEX MICROCHIPS COMPANY POLICY, and what constitutes sexual harrassment and what doesn't constitute sexual harrassment and how everything he's doing isn't sexual harrassment and blah blah blah you stopped listening thirty seconds ago.


There's only one option left. DREDLOCK's obviously not going to leave you alone, so you'll just have to take the fight to him! It's time to do battle with your NEMESIS--DREDLOCK!