>> Leave CUBICAL

You leave your CUBICLE and head towards the ELEVATORS. Coincidentally, the WATER COOLER is there, but apparently there's no one talking over it, as one would commonly assume.

>> Go to 18th floor
>> Take the stairs, not the lift.

The ELEVATORS are on Floor 18 and Floor 1, respectively. You decide not to wait on them and take the STAIRS instead. What a great way to get some exercise around the workplace!

The STAIRWELL is rather creepy. Apparently MANAGEMENT didn't care much about sprucing it up. The floor numbers are crudely drawn above the doors in green paint. (At least there are guardrails.) You head down five floors of STAIRS before arriving at the DOOR TO FLOOR 18.

OH SNAP IT'S A SPIDER. You're normally not a fan of violence, but MAN that thing is creeping you out! It's really fast, too.

You've got to find a way to dispatch this SPIDER. Perhaps if you were to equip some kind of weapon...?