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 Post subject: The Tale of Dragon Armor, by chatmasta
PostPosted: December 20th, 2014, 10:47 pm 
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The Tale of Dragon Armor
by chatmasta, aka Mjrpbplayer

Long, long ago when only powerful knights, archers, and wizards dared venture into the Wilderness. This particular story focuses on a group of three knights, two archers, and four wizards. The first and bravest knight's name was Mjrpbplayer. The second knight's name was knigtbird, one of Mjrpbplayer's closest friends. The third knight's name was Old Grump, a selfish thief.

The first archer's name was Meee with a skill of ninety ranged. The second archer's name was hood, another powerful ranger.

The first wizard's name was Mizgog, an old wise wizard. The second wizard's name was Gandalf, a wise old wizard who ventured into RuneScape from a distant land where only Hobbits roam. The third wizard's name was Harry- Harry Potter. Harry had defeated evil many times. Six to be precise, one when he was just a baby! The fourth, but definitely not last wizard's name was Starhegan. He was one of the oldest, most powerful wizards in the world.

This group of knights, archers, and mages was out on a quest. There quest was to seek the powerful red dragon named Shushmut. Shushmut was one of the few dragons left that had skin strong enough to smith into dragon armor. Unfortunately all that could be made out of the skin was a square shield, a medium helmet, a battle axe, and a long sword. Shushmut was a great friend of Magnum, the great King Black Dragon, ruler of all RuneScape.

The quest started when Shushmut cast a terrible spell over the land that would suck the power out of every creature in RuneScape and give it to him...the group had seven days before the dragon would reach level 666 and RuneScape would burn in many flames.

However, the group was already preparing to venture into the wilderness to kill Shushmut for his armor anyway. But now, they had a much bigger reason for what they were about to do.

On a dark and stormy night they left their camp site behind Lumbridge Castle to venture out to Shushmut, the powerful red dragon already up five levels to level 250. As they passed the dead trees of Draynor Village, a very bright blue light came up in front of them. Saradomin's face appeared in the bright, foggy light. "What you are about to do, my friends is a very dangerous thing. But it is also very brave, and the world of RuneScape rests in your hands. I will give you each a gift to help you a long the way. To you, Mjrpbplayer, I give you this cape. It will cause you to hit at least a 70 every time you strike Shushmut. To you, Knigtbird, I give you a potion that will bring all your skills up to ninety-nine. To you, Old Grump, I give you your selfishness, use it well. To you, Meee, I give you the finest of bows, a golden bow. It is enchanted and will shoot magical, flaming arrows that will freeze to ice when they hit Shushmut. They are very powerful indeed, guard them well. To you, Hood, I give you an enchanted flower. It can be shot out of your bow and be very powerful, indeed. Shushmut does not like anything pretty. And to all of you wizards, I give you each a rune that must only be used a last resort. It will instantly bring down Shushmut ten levels. Guard these gifts well my friends. And do not be surprised if you see any of he other gods along the Way!" Suddenly Saradomin disappeared.

The heroes kept on going, when suddenly, a dark wizard appeared in front of them. He cast a spell, but it was too late. Gandalf had shot him with an earth wave, as he studies earth wizardry. When the group reached level fifteen Wilderness it was too dark to keep going. They pulled out there sleeping bags and fell asleep. While they were sleeping, a greater demon approached. As he breathed in, ready to blow fire upon them all, starhegan, the wizard that studied water woke up. Just as the demon's fire was an inch away from killing them all, Starhegan killed him with a powerful water wave.

At 2:00 AM the next morning, they continued on their journey. At level fifty Wilderness there was a flash of red light and they were separated. But Harry knew what to do. He had not moved, so he used a summoning charm and they were soon all back together. The flash of red light appeared again, and Zamorak's face was glowing on it. "Ha-ha! What a fun test that was! I am glad you knew what to do, Harry. I see that fool Saradomin had given you gifts. Well, I am now going to give you each something to go along with what he gave you. To you, Mjrpbplayer, I give you this helmet that will prevent your head from being damaged. However, it only works when you are wearing the cape, and it only works if it is Shushmut that you are fighting. To you, Knigtbird, I give you three extra doses of your potion. To you, Old Grump, I give you revenge. You may use it well. To you, Meee and hood, I give you a golden cloak, that will give you a defense level of 99, but not raise your combat. To you, my wizards, I give you a staff of Iban. It will increase the damage of the rune Saradomin has given you. It will bring Shushmut down not ten, but twenty levels. Guard these gifts well. If Shushmut didn't have the fate of RuneScape in his hands, I would have killed you instantly, trust me!" Zamorak snickered then vanished into thin air. The next day, when they were ten levels away from their destination, Guthix appeared in a shadow form. "Hello, my equal friends! Zamorak and Saradomin have given you gifts, so I will too. I will give you all one gift. It is your belief. You must always believe in yourselves!" His shadow vanished and they were all alone.

Now they were about to fight Shushmut. Shushmut was sleeping in his area, about 100x100 squares. The group got organized. When they were about ready to fight, there was an archer on two sides, and two mages on each end. The knights were also outside the gate, ready to open it up and burst through. They all knew that somewhere the gods were watching them, giving them the strength they needed. Knigtbird took a dose of his potion, Mjrpbplayer put on his cape and helmet, the archers put on the cloaks, and pulled out their bows and arrows, the wizards took out their staffs of Iban, and they were ready to fight the already Level 500 Shushmut.

Mjrpbplayer took the lead and shoved open the gate. It squeaked and awakened Shushmut. He was mad. The knights charged at him and put up their shields when Shusmut breathed fire at them. The wizards cast all kinds of spells, the archers shot their arrows and flowers, but nothing seemed to hurt Shushmut. So they kept fighting, and noticed that they hurt Shushmut a great deal if they hit him while he was going up a level. When he was at level 665, all the wizards cast the spells the gods had given them. He went down to level 585 but increased at the same time so he was level 586. Suddenly he blew fire on Old Grump's runite legs and they were burnt to pieces. Old Grump was very mad; he had worked for months getting his smithing to ninety-nine to smith those legs. He grabbed Kingbird's potion and took a sip. He charged at Shushmut and hit him with such force he was brought down to him normal level at 245. From then on, it was easy, and they killed him in thirty seconds. Old Grump was still raging with anger and pulled Shushmut's tail off and made it into a cape. When they walked off in their dragon armor that night they knew they had saved RuneScape. The gods made more and more dragon armor out of the armor the knights, wizards, and archers had collected. And that is how dragon armor came to exist in RuneScape. Some tell me this story is not true, but me, I am Mjrpbplayer...


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