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 Post subject: Newb in the Sewers, by Deadsky
PostPosted: December 20th, 2014, 6:59 pm 
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Newb in the Sewers
by Deadsky (2004)

Now my story begins as most stories do. They begin with a young Hero in the making.

He was a young warrior new to RuneScape in search or adventure and riches; a person in search of strength and knowledge; A boy wanting to become a man!

Many stories and tales he had heard and many places and monsters he wanted to find. But as everyone in RuneScape knows.... To be wise you must explore and learn to be strong you must train and learn he ways of combat.

So train is what he did, he trained minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day non-stop in a dream to be a strong and a formidable Warrior in RuneScape. And here is where our story begins..............

He started his training in the beautiful but goblin infested forests of Lumbridge. He quickly learned the ways of the sword and how to combine the quickness and strength of his blade as he went from goblin to goblin besmearing his blade in their blood. Finally after hard, long and exhausting day training in the forests he decided the goblins were getting a bit to easy to slay and figured he could not raise his skills as fast as he would like to on the small ugly beasts. He sat down on a tree stump staring at the large pile of slain goblins and proceeded to wipe the blood from his sword and began sharpening it with a stone. As the sun began to fall he decided it best to take a rest and wait until sunrise to further his journey.

He awoke to the sweet sounds of the forest, the birds sang sweetly in the tree's, water from a river could be heard in the distance and a warm blanket of sun filled the forest. After he had a bit to eat he left the forest and stepped onto the old beaten down path that he arrived in on the previous day with a pocket full of money considerably larger than before, the goblins bodies had been somewhat kind to provide the extra loot.

He took the path north and passed many crop filled farms on the way waving to the friendly farmers. He came to a fork in the road and read the signpost "to Varrock". Varrock a name he had heard of before. He pace increased now as he wanted to get to this place called Varrock! As he came over the small horizon a magnificent great city came into view! The scene took his breath away! It was beautiful and as he came to the foot of the great city the buildings surrounded him and people rushed by going in every direction. He could see a market place filled with all kinds of people from archers to mages to great blue armored warriors he could not believe his eyes! The market place not to mention the whole city was amazing! The buildings were tall the spirits were high and the sun shone hotly but beautifully in the sky. "Selling black amour!" "Selling ruby amulets, 5000gp each" "selling cooked food 4444 to buy" were some of the many screams and yells of people trying to sell their products. One of these comments caught his attention "selling Mithril 2h 4k!!!" HE looked down at his bronze colored weapon and armor and wondered if he had enough coins in his pouch. He ran up the smither who was selling them and asked if he could buy one. The smither replied that 2k was not enough... Our warrior frowned and was very disappointed.... but seeing this, the smither let out a sigh and told him he could have it for 2k and he even through in a set of armor called steel! Excited was not the word, our warrior was so happy that he was now holding an amazing Dark bluish sword in his hands and wearing much lighter and stronger armor he was speechless! Now more excited than ever he wanted to train, train, and train!

He searched the city for a suitable spot to train and as he came upon a small manhole he wondered what was down it. He almost would have passed the dirty, disgusting dark little whole if it had not been for the torn and tattered warrior that had emerged from it as he passed by. The warrior (weaker than him) had a slight look of fear and disbelief on his face as he scurried to the bank.

This spiked our young Hero's interest and without hesitation he began his decent down the grimy ladder. As his feet touched the ground on the soft brown soil he was disgusted by the smell of it. The Horrible smell filled his nose with such a horrible smell our warrior almost threw up! He stood there looking at the disgusting small stream that ran beside him as small rats ran around his feet. He debated with himself whether to go back up or not and he had pretty much made up his mind that to go back up was better than staying in this dark gloomy smelly place but ! Our curious Warrior heard a sound! A low pitched moaning sound, which again, like many other things peaked his interest!

So another decision had been made a decision that would soon change his RuneScape life forever.


His tattered body hit the ground. He sat up staring at a familiar sight it was the mighty Lumbridge castle shining in the mornings sun......he looked down to evaluate his condition. His helmet was gone, along with all his food and money but thankfully he still had his trusty sword along with his steel chest and steel legs. His head was heavy and his body exhausted and he began to remember what had just happened.

It started with a decision to find out what a moaning sound was.... He remembered walking in a dark gloomy place to find a blue vicious looking monster, something of which he had never seen before it was almost zombie like. He had made quick work out of the wretched being and proceeded to slay a couple shiny yellow scorpions. Intrigued by these new challenges our warrior proceeded onward. He came across some rats and slain them for their meat which he added to his backpack. He then began declining down a small slope and a few white boned skeletons came into few. With adrenalin pumping through his veins he charged them and swiftly sliced his sword through them and returned the aggressive monsters back to piles of bones on the ground.

As began onward in the dark wet sewer he had seen a great cliff to his left with many scorpions starring at him from atop the great cliff. He advanced toward a gate and peered inside. A small number of blue/green fearsome creatures were floating around the room. HE presumed that they were ghosts and he did not know of what kind these ghosts were and if they could be defeated by a sword, so quickly and quietly he opened the gate and proceeded to slip by them. He had his back against the wall of the sewer and the green slime that covered the walls prevented his armor from scraping and creating a sound and he silently slipped past the ghosts. As he rounded the small corner from where the ghosts were he ran right into a pack of Zombies! The same type he had fought earlier. He tried to make quick work of them and he somewhat succeeded despite a few small gashes from the claws of the ugly creatures.

He came upon another gate only to find a pair of tall strong skeletons each equipped with a sword and shield. He took a quick glance back at more zombies which were in pursuit of him and made yet another decision. Go back now and train on the creatures such as zombies and skeletons or... Feed his hunger for adventure and test his skills against the new foe that appeared before him. Well. by now you probably already know our young hero's decision.. He decided to go for it! He opened the gate and charged the somewhat startled skeletons. They put up quite a good fight but still were no match for a youthful hero. With good in his heart and adventure on his mind he felt unstoppable!

He quickly gathered the loot from the remains of the skeletons and proceeded to give a few good old swings of the sword to destroy a web that was in his way. As he whipped the web from his sword he laughed as he seen a group of small brown spiders and a bigger one in front of him. The bigger spider attacked him instantly in an attempt to defend what seemed like its offspring. Our pure hearted warrior knew that he must seem like a threat so he fought only in defensive position and quickly ran and shut a gate so as not to harm or bother the family.

He walked down a small dark hallway and came into a huge enclosure and what hit him next was unexpected and took him totally off guard! It seemed he had walked into an underground nesting ground of Strong Deadly red spiders! Taken off guard he began to get hurt as the things surrounded him. He swung his sword and tried to dodge the viscous attacks of the small but formidable opponents. He was standing his ground but was slowly losing. HE was forced to run farther in to the cavern and was running out of food fast. He was really getting low on health and took a large sprint into the back corner of the underground nesting place only to find a Beast, taller, and stronger than any other he had ever seen! He stood there for a moment in awe looking at what he had just gotten himself into and his sword hung loosely by his side. The creature looked down at our young hero his wise and noble eyes were bold and his huge beard hung down to his chest. As the giant 2 maybe 3 times the size of our hero began to raise his great staff our warrior could not move, his legs were stiff, his mind and body frozen in fear! And with one great swing of the mighty staff out hero's adventure was done.

As he stood up the giants image still burning is his mind, he thought to himself of how stupid he was to have wondered too far into the sewer. Not only had he let his curiosity get the best of him also he was too confident. But no, our hero was strong and would not let this defeat ruin his image of being a great hero of RuneScape!! He was more determined than ever and he quickly returned to his training...

Now in present day he is an old and noble person. He has excelled in smithing and crafting, his combat skills have greatly increased and his knowledge is unmatched in RuneScape! Nowadays he sits in his house his blue armor shines in the sun his weapons by his side and he tells young children and warriors of his great adventures. But one of his favorites will always be.. The story of the Varrock sewer... and as he always finishes....

I returned one day to the sewers, as a mighty warrior. I had the mighty rune two-hander by my side and a set of dark green armor. The only thing that was on my mind as I re-entered the sewer... REVENGE! I cunningly made my way back to the deadly spider cavern and easily sliced my way through the spiders. I walked up to the giant and stood there looking at him with no fear in my eyes this time! I charged him and yelled as I drove my Sword deep into his belly! As his great staff hit the ground and he dropped to his knees, I stared him in the eyes, I slowly withdrew my sword from him and with a look of anger and a feeling of revenge coming over my body I sliced off his head.

And so this is how our story ends, the story of a noob, a death, revenge, and a lesson that is now well known in RuneScape. What goes around comes back around stronger and cuts your head off.

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