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 Post subject: Level 51, by Deadsky
PostPosted: December 20th, 2014, 6:51 pm 
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Level 51
by Deadsky (2004)

level 51 a level I'll never forget

.... a level that I decided a dragon was ready to be slain.... a level I decided to get rid of a evil lurking in Runescape.... a level I felt

I was fresh off the high of getting to level 50 !! And 51 was even better. I entered the Champion's Guild as I had many time before but this time I was
in search of a new adventure... an adventure that would put a hero to the test!

I heard of a Dragon, a fierce and mighty dragon that lived on a far away island. I learned of a map a map which consisted of 3 pieces. I had finally recovered the map and had found a sailor unrivaled in bravery and skill than any other sailor in Runescape.

A loud crash was heard and felt as the might ship came smashing into the side of the island they called "CRANDOR."

As I stepped off of the wreckage My rune large,chain mail, and legs shone in the hot sun my Rune battle axe and Anti-dragon breathe shield in hand And a might Ruby ammy of strength around my neck. I had put all of my most valuable items on the line to rid Runescape of this evil. I knew one wrong step meant certain death!

The sun was hot and my load was heavy The many cooked lobsters weighed on my shoulders as a began to kill the onslaught of skeletons, scorpions and Hobgoblins on the exterior of the island. As I made my way through slaughtering everything in my path I came to the top of the mountain to find a set of stairs leading to the bottom of the evil island but one last obstacle lay in my way A lesser demon!

A demon similar to him I had slain in a maze before.... And this demons eyes widened as I took out the mighty Silver light sword ! He seemed slightly taken off guard but tried to show no fear of the sword I held in my hand as here charged me!!!!

I swiftly drove the silver light into him as he appeared to weaken greatly then with the flick of a hand my mighty battle axe was back out. The weakened demon was still I might opponent, but as I seen his body hit the ground with a huge moan I let out a sigh of relief and whipped the sweat off my forehead
and gobbled down a lobster.

Now I stood at the top of stair which lead into a black unknown... Whipping the fear from my body I began to descend Instantly I was swarmed by skeletons. I desperately ran and swang at them slaying as many as I could. As I made my way deeper in the cavern the weaker skeletons let off... And I could see the mighty dragon in his lair his eyes pierced into my soul and I knew that somehow it knew why I was here. But before I could enter his lair I noticed another obstacle in my way... Mighty evil skeletons larger, faster and stronger than the ones I fought before... they attacked immediately my heart throbbing I knew I must not waste my time and food on these Body-less beasts and I ran and swang and fiercely made my way to the door of the dragons lair knowing there was no turning back now!!!!!!!!!!!!

I entered It stared me down ..... I looked into its eyes trying to show no fear!!!!!! I swiftly ate a lobster and drank a special Strength potion a apothecary in Varrock had made for me. Then it happened...

The dragon thundered toward me and attacked with its fierce fire and claws. I dropped to a knee as his fiery breathe weighed down on my shield. I stood up with adrenaline rushing trough my veins I began to put up a fight ! Heat from his breathe was mostly blocked from the shield but odd parts would burn my face and arms. I began to strike at my fearsome opponent slicing his flesh and driving my axe into his bone but with a mighty swing of his paw which caught me off guard I was hit badly and began bleeding.

The blood gushed from me as I ran to hide and eat behind the pillar and I took another drink from my potion. The beast easily persued me and began his attack upon me again. Revived and feeling better I began to drive the blade off my axe into his chest. The mighty dragon let out a thundering roar and I knew he was starting to get winded and tired.....

Though feeling the pain now the dragon did not let up on his attack, I was doing my best but I still did not know if it would be good enough.... the
beast was smart, quick, strong and never seemed to make a mistake. I stood there fiercely blocking and dodging his attacks slicing him with my axe whenever I got the chance, but I knew I could not last like this forever... it was slowly taking its toll on me and I knew if I kept at this rate I would be dead within the next five minutes!

So I ran again and healed as fast as I could... It was slower chasing me this time as blood poured from its green body. I knew I had to make my move! So I pounced at it full force! I began swinging with all my strength I drove the surprised beast up against the wall and began driving my axe into his neck!!!!!! He let out a thundering, fearsome roar as his massive green body hit the floor.....

I, The level 51 had just won the battle of my life.... My heart was pounding adrenaline pumping through my veins .... the dragon was slain!!!!!!

Now I have entered new places of Runescape I have been to White Wolf Mountain I have been to Ardougne I have been to the Feldip Hills I have
been almost everywhere.... But one last task lays before me The Legends Guild.... A place I know I will someday be I am level 69 now and growing fast and I will never forget the battle of the level 51 and the Crandor Dragon

So til We meet again Farewell and have a prosperous Runescape life


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