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 Post subject: God Story, by Brandon
PostPosted: December 20th, 2014, 6:43 pm 
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God Story
by Brandon

Brandon awoke, in an endless white sky. "Where am I?", he asked.
An old tired voice said, "You are in the realm of the Gods, with Guthix and me."
"What about Zamorak", Brandon inquired?
"He is dead", Saradomin answered.
"How did the God die", Brandon asked?
"Think of your last memory when you were on soil." "I-I...killed something powerful, killing me as well" Brandon said, confused.
"You killed a God Brandon, you can't return back to RuneScape due to a law, a law that was created when it all began, in beginning of time. RuneScape was in chaos- then I was born and created life and pureness. Next Guthix was born and created great minds. Now someone of whom you have heard was born Zaros. He created evil and darkness to go along with chaos. Finally Zamorak was born, and had nothing left all four brothers, three gods and one mortal.... Zamorak wanted evil and chaos. To achieve this, he killed Zaros. Zaros killed him as well.... Zamorak awoke, just like you did moments ago. This is where the law fits in, when a mortal killed a god... They were to become god. You spent most of your life as a mortal, your not god nor are you a mortal, just something in between." Saradomin coughed as he finished his speech.
"I understand now," said Brandon, "Though if I'm part mortal why can't I go back to RuneScape then?"
"Have you no common sense boy", Saradomin yelled, "How did Zamorak kill Zaros, how did you kill Zamorak?"
"They went back to earth, and upset a balance?" said Brandon.
"Yes", answered Saradomin.
"So if I killed Zamorak and went back to RuneScape, there would be Zamorak followers after me?" asked Brandon.
"Yes, and you be weakened-an easy target." answered Saradomin. He walked over to this golden throne, and peered in to a circle of mist, the second thing to from after chaos appeared. Brandon walked up to Saradomin and said, "If I killed Zamorak and he is not a god anymore; then is he mortal?"
"I'm afraid so, as Zamorak has become one of the fellow RuneScapians, so where is he", answered Saradomin.
"He is week from battle and drained of thought, he lies deep in a cave where none roam..." said Brandon
Brandon walked away to sit on the red velvet throne.
A few feet from Saradomin Brandon peered in to the mist. He saw a jungle, then a wooden shack, and finally a man. The man looked at Brandon and smiled. The man said, "Ah its true there is a new god! Bawanna, you new god."
Brandon spoke to the man and asked "Who are you?"
"So bawanna can talk eh? But the question is not who am I but who are you" said the man. "I'm Brandon, 5th god of RuneScape!" said Brandon "You are God and Mortal I sense. I have question for you Brandon, do you prefer mortality or godship", asked the man.
"I prefer mortal life, listen here, I sense a friend of mine he coming near, I need you to tell him about everything, tell him this riddle, and I can be come mortal once again... ye, must wonder where Runescapae began, its origins began in soil and sand, for there the gods where born, and there lays the corpse old and worn, dig up Zamorak, and bring him to light, there he will be awaken as a god, and talk of the place of the one that should not." said Brandon
"Bawanna, your riddle puzzles me. I do not know of such place. I hope your friend understands this" said the man. "Trufis, I got the herbs you needed," Brandon heard someone in the background, and the face disappeared. Brandon, filled with sadness, started to sing the song a happy bard once sung:

Look for me wandering
oft thought the mist;
Look for me ambling
'Tween grain and grist;
Look for me harkening
Ere and cry;
Seek for me slumbering
'Twixt earth and sky.

Hush now and wander ye,
Oceands to sail.
Go now and gather ye,
Gold leaf and Grail.
Know now now the mystery
All in between:
Find now the treasury
Silent unseen
May ye go wandering
'Tween dark and light;

May ye go hurtling
Higher than height;
May he go rambling
Far as ye can;
Lo, to find every thing where ye began
Hush now and slumber ye,
Never a fear
Always I'll cradle ye,
Ever so near.
Travel the endless trail,
Far may ye roam:
Aways I'll welcome ye-
Ever your home

At that moment a tear dropped from Brandon's eye.
After many days, Brandon felt a force like a old evil unleashed. Brandon went to Saradomin, and said, "I have no wish to be a God, while Zamorak does, he has been reborn, once again I'll fight, hoping to die, to continue my life from there....."
And so the battle was fought, Zamorak won, he took his place as the god of evil once more, Brandon became mortal again, and lets just say, he went to find the gold leaf and grail.....

~Finaly Retired From Runescape!~

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