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 Post subject: Lost Memories, by NintendoDude
PostPosted: December 17th, 2014, 12:00 am 
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Lost Memories
by NintendoDude


The world known as Runescape, a fantastic place filled with some of the most amazing things the real world could possibly not handle. The Runescape world, as some think of it, is only a mere game where players could only play for a bit, get bored and press that log out button for the final time.. Pretty made up story right? There is no Runescape world as we know it... there never was, there never will be... but is that really going to stop you from knowing, what really happened on why its considered gone? No, I thought so.. So now you, even if you are only going to as they say 'read' the story, it actually did happen, or did it? You figure that out for yourself as I tell the story as best as I can remember, for I am possibly the last survivor of the Fictional world itself.. So are you ready to learn about the world before the end of it?

The Runescape world was a thriving world filled with people, monsters, and plenty of goodies for parties and duels. The world itself was considered a mere game, because you looked like a Fictional character, but one who could feel real pain. You could basically do as you pleased, as long as you followed the 'rules' of the game. You could raise these things called 'skills' as in fishing, mining and fletching. The better you got, the better you could do in that skill. You could also fight and duel, for stakes or for mere fun and training. The number of items in the game also got better as time went on, from the best known armor 'adamantine' to the new upgraded 'rune' armor, now on to 'dragon' weapons and armor. The world grew and grew; the money was over the top of 5 billion if all of it was added up in a jar. Then suddenly, when on one of the biggest days of the world, the day the Runescape world ended forever, was deleted by an unknown source, all it said was if you were about to log out was 'You cannot escape the truth that blinds the world you see, feel and smell around you.' When it was deleted, all the players, CPUs and monsters, even the last blade of grass, disappeared like that.. and nothing was remembered... But before the chaos of the world deleted, the final strengths of the highest level players stood together and made a portal to the world, the destroyed world that is... The portal was lost for over 700 years, and most of the stories were beginning to be only fairy tales. But, I found the portal, and the deletion of the world had to stop... so I set foot on a journey that you wouldn't believe, or else my name isn’t... Bob, the first human player to be recreated into the destroyed world.

You are about to enter the world known as Runescape, the world that was lost because of something more evil than the dragon that killed your best friend as they said in those times. Grab a sandwich, some pop, and sit back as I tell the actual story as it actually happened.

~Chapter One~
A Desperate Start

As I entered the world to Lumbridge, I didn’t know what to expect, its been so long since I even seen another tree being cut, bar being smelted or a monster being killed by a player there. I saw the most horrific landscape that people could have ever seen when I entered, the world was burned into ashes, the buildings all toppled over in ruins and the shops had all their items stolen and the shop itself burned down. Many small imps roamed the land, burning things and wrecking havoc. The waters were filthy from the land, and the fish were on the land instead of the water to die most likely, for they didn’t want to be living in a toxic river. The grain fields were all gone, only dry, hard soil was there. The surrounding fences broken and shattered, the old windmill destroyed, and the farmlands were without a single bit of livestock. The castle itself was in terrible shape from outside. As I began to walk to the castle the church seemed to be ok, the graveyard was still there, and the old hatchet shop seemed to still be up and running. I saw a small light in the house near the shop, so I walked towards it. Opening the door carefully, not knowing what to expect, a figure was standing there in the dark, the light barely showed its face. The figure began to walk to me, I backed up but I noticed the door was closed... I thought I was going to die and end up back at the beginning of Lumbridge. Just then the figure started to speak, "Wait, don’t be frightened, its only another human character, even if it looks like i'm a zombie CPU..." The system could be playing tricks with me, because only humans could look like a normal CPU figure, not a zombie. "I am serious, I know of the real world, I know of the deletion of the game, I have only not escaped the world before the chaos happened. This is why I am a zombie, the deleter who did this changed the program..." Double-checking quickly, I moved my hand to the character, a message stating - Ron (Level-46), walk here. Two more options. I see that this zombie was a character, and I had to know more of the destructed world. We quickly exchanged information, his world knowledge for the knowledge of the real world on how it turned out.

Turns out that the characters in the world who couldn't escape became trapped in here, and were real living beings now, with a real health system linked to theirs, if they died in the game... they died for good. Dueling became illegal and soon all the players were so worried about the new changes they began to form clans and started bending the rules themselves, by making new weapons, like catapults and bombs. The world became the wilderness, thus hindering the luscious green landscapes and large buildings. The world now was every man, woman and newb for themselves. Few survived the large battle, many were injured and no one could help them. Food and water became big. People who thought bread and wine was a very little meal only good for a newb became a luxury for even the richest in Runescape, for they could eat, while others could not. The banks were destroyed, and items were forced to be hid. The holiday items were all burned in a large bonfire to show that greed did corrupt them, and possibly this greed was the reason some person who could not get even one of these items thought to end the game forever to make sure that if that person couldn't have it, no one could. Everything else was nearly just a memory. There are still bar tales of the fabled dragon armor that could save us all, but it is still a tale that we hope to come true. As I left the destroyed village of Lumbridge, I came across the gates to Al Kharid. The guards were gone, gates bent, and sand poured through the large fence. I kicked open the gate and walked through.

~Chapter Two~
Tales Long Forgotten

As the memories of the newb village of Lumbridge passed behind me I went through the hot sandy dunes of Al Kharid. The hot sun reflecting on the sand made every step painful against my feet. I could only go on for a mere while longer, I was getting tired, thirsty and hungry as walking was the only way a newb could get through the land. Suddenly hope struck through my mind. There was the town of Al Kharid, still mysteriously fine, nothing seems to have changed. I went in search of some clues to find out more about the deletion of the Runescape World. The large palace of Al Kharid was in perfect condition, but it seemed so deserted and empty. I went inside the large palace, up the grand staircase, and past a knocked down wall where a small room with a dim candle burning away on the table of the secret room. I investigated the area only to find some crumpled notes... I made them out as best as I could:

"Runescape City Message Board Special Announcement- Due to the recent relations of upbringing hackers to the world we are being forced to close most of the world up to only P2P players who abide the rules of the game. Due to this, our game is growing less and less popular with the Real World. There seems to be only two alternatives to the game now, either we let all the players play again, including the hackers who can change the system at their free will, or completely shut down the world and never let anyone play again. We will bring news of what we are to do later next month. We hope it’s the decision everyone wants instead."
~Andrew Gower, Creator and President of Jagex Corp.

"Runescape City Message Board Special Announcement- From last months stand-by of our decision to close Runescape completely or keep it up has finally been decided. Runescape will stay an online game for many months to come in order to develop skills to Runescape 2 and possibly even a real life simulator. We are risking ourselves to great hacker threats but we will handle all situations no matter how bad they are. We hope that our decision works with the people and will keep them happy and playing for a good long time."
~Andrew Gower, Creator and President of Jagex Corp.

"Runescape City Message Board Special Announcement- We regret to inform everyone of our current players that a grave situation has shown itself. It seems that a strange unknown virus being controlled by a powerful Hacker has infected the entire Runescape world. We are trying our best to stop the hacking but nothing so far has worked. We are going to possibly have to resort to bringing players into the game to stop the Hacker. We have sent prototype RL Simulation devices to our most strongest and trustworthy players. This will enable them to fully become part of Runescape and go inside the game to help stop the invasion. We do not know where the Hacker is located. All forms of tracking devices have suddenly stopped working. We have only guessed that the Hacker had gotten hold of one of the prototype RL Simulation devices and entered the game, since that is the most reasonable place to infect it, by going inside the game itself. We hope that this Hacker is stopped and our game can once again be enjoyed by the thousands and thousands of players who still play."
~Andrew Gower, Creator and President of Jagex Corp.

The notes left here only led up to one thing, a Hacker was taking over the game, and he is not going to give up that easy. I hope I can fix this before the world is lost forever. As I left the palace a strange glow appeared to the southwest. I decided to check it out.

The glow ended up being nothing more than an old rusted piece of shiny purplish stone reflected in the water. I checked my databases and discovered this was no mere stone. It was a actual piece of a real Dragonstone. These stones were the most powerful out of the 5 stones you crafted with. I decided to cut it with a small chisel in my pocket, making every cut worth it. The stone was finally crafted into a brilliant gem shape that could be used as an amulet. I dropped it into my inventory and set off for some more clues.

Day turned to night and the sand felt colder. I reached a small stream short enough to jump over. I quickly ran across to the other side and kept going, I don't know why, but I kept going. Something was pulling me to come closer and closer to it. It was getting colder and colder. I decided to slow down and rest, fatigue soon set in and I began to sleep on the cold hard ground.

~Chapter Three~
The Ice City and the Molten Mines

I slept most of the night, only to wake up to a large bright light inside a small shack. I checked outside and it was snowing fiercely outside. I had no choice but to wait here until the blizzard ended. I suddenly noticed a small hand carved staff sitting on the edge of the shack. I picked it up to use as a weapon, but a strange feeling swept over me. Something was pulling me down into the floor. I was soon engulfed through the strange portal in the floor and thrown down into a large icy cavern. I walked across the frozen floor to a 3-way entrance in this cavern. One seemed to lead forever into darkness, the next seems to stop halfway with nowhere else to go, and the final one almost looked like it had a small light still flickering at the end. I went down the last tunnel and finally reached a small oval shaped room with a light on the ceiling. Suddenly a small figure jumped out and scared the living daylights out of me. The figure announced itself as the King of the lost city of Zanaris, now frozen over time due to the Hacker. The King, although a CPU, acted quite human. He showed emotion, grief and even a laugh or two. We talked through the night, day or whatever it was now for quite sometime, sharing stories about the good old days. After finally realizing I had still to find the Hacker and stop him, the King opened up a secret entrance at the north side of the room. He told me to enter here and it will lead me to a far away place. I entered, not knowing what to do. Suddenly the world started spinning and I felt like I had just walked a thousand miles. My head hurt fiercely, but the King was right, I ended up straight at the Dwarven Mines of Falador. But, this wasn't a mine, this was a large furnace! The mines must have been over some kind of volcano deep within the mountain, and with help from the Hacker, it must have finally erupted. I went around for a while and checked to see if I could find anything, or anyone. I walked a bit south till I saw a large iron cast door that had the words "Miner's Guild" written on it in Golden Paint. I started to see if I could open the doors until I heard a cry for help. It seemed to be coming inside the Guild! I pushed and pressed against the door with all my strength, until the door finally opened and I could squeeze through. As I entered the Guild, it was laid in with Gold, Silver and rocks galore! A miner's heaven one could say. At the very end I found a Player cast down in scratches and bruises, clothes torn and his mighty Rune Axe, dented and chipped, as it would have just been through some kind of chipping machine. I asked the player who did this to you, and as soon as he could respond, he fainted to the ground and disappeared.

"That should teach you for entering my Guild without permission!" said a Dark voice. "Who are you?" I said with some uncertainness.

"You may know me, I am the most powerful being in the world here. I am the Hacker as you have heard. I am the King of Runescape and I have completely taken over the world as my own, while the players of Runescape have only become my pawns."

"Why are you doing this? Is it because you are only a low class newb who can't get any respect in the world?"

"Fool, the Runescape world shouldn't be for fun, it should be for fighting and killing people in the Wilderness, but I didn't like the fact that Runescape was being so cowardly and never entering the Wilderness. So I decided to take over and make the world the wilderness, getting rid of the banks and making you fend for yourself, while being stuck inside the game forever!"

"But it's just a game! You made the situation so bad that it seems now if you kill a player, you kill them in the Real World!"

"Who cares, I want their stuff, and they should pay for being so cowardly all the time."

"Your too obsessed, you should log off and let people play again!"

"Ha! I will never do that, and besides, who is going to stop me!"

"I am! For I am Bob, the savior of the Runescapian world!"

"Fool, you will perish for your insolence..."

The Hacker pulled out his large Rune Two-Handed Sword and came running towards me. Suddenly the Dragonstone started to react and glow. I pulled it out and the bright glow of the gem pushed back the Hacker and thrust him into the wall.

"What the heck was that? No... It can't be! I thought I destroyed all the Dragon Armor long ago! Where in the world did you find it!"

"I will never tell!"

The Dragonstone seems to repel the Hacker, and disable his powers shortly. This could only happen since the Dragon items repel evil like a Silverlight blade!

"Ugh, I will finish you another day..."

The Hacker teleported out of the Guild, in a blaze of red light.

"Huh? What is this?"

I seemed to have found a Rune Pick. I could mine some of this ore and make something out of it. I took a piece of gold nugget and a lump of coal with me. I climbed up the ladder to see the world of Falador.

~Chapter Four~
The Axe of Hope and the Sword of Despair

As the doors of the Miner's Guild closed behind me I went into the grand city. It seems to actually still be up also, except there are players still about! There were many hi-level players walking around and talking with one another, trading and just plain hanging out. I went to one of the players and asked them why is this city so full of life. He told me that long ago, all the remaining players decided to hide and use their powers to protect everyone. They decided to live here, since in the days of 'Members' this was a very productive city. The most hi-level Mages made special orbs with the help of Master Crafters to protect the city. The orbs were of the 4 Runescapian Elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air. These fused together to create a large Barrier around the city to prevent the Hacker from entering. The city regrew and repopulated and finally ended up this way. Unfortunately the Barrier is weakening and they are doing the best they can to fix it.

I walked around the town, getting food, sharing stories and most importantly, searching for more Dragon Armor. My best tip was down the road where the old Heroes' Guild was, there was a Dragon Weapon rumored to still be there. I decided to pack a lunch and head out of the city. Before I left, I found a small furnace I could smelt my ore in. I carefully placed my gold nugget in and out popped a bar of gold. Next, on a table near me was a ball of string and an amulet mould. I quickly made a Dragonstone Amulet and strung the string on it. I put it on and ran out of the city, only saying goodbye to a few people who had helped me restore my wounds and fatigue.

I ran past the fields as quick as I could, running past the old smith Doric's house and crashing through the 'Members gate'. I felt a strange presence around me. It seemed that evil gripped me everywhere I turned. I ran past some old Druid ruins and up the largest hill in the valley. It was a beautiful view. I could see the wide north oceans, the dangerous Wilderness, the quite and peaceful Tavelry and there in its glory, nearly untouched by time, the Heroes Guild. I ran down the hill and ran to the front of the large building. I pushed the doors open and went through.

When I entered, I saw a Fountain. Quickly examining it, I could use this Fountain of Heroes to charge my Dragonstone Amulet up. I dipped it in slightly and a bright flash of cosmic energy surged through the water and into the Amulet. I picked it up as it shined with its radiant glow. I put it on and felt the energy entangle my body, making me stronger. The energy lighted up most of the Heroes Guild, and due to this, I found a small crevice I could climb through to. The passage went on and on, but still I pursued into the forbidding presence. Finally, I reached the end to a place on top of the Heroes Guild. It seemed I was so high up, I could only see the clouds. There was a small crossway I could take to a nearby tower. While walking down the crossway, I noticed that 3 statues were placed on the opposite ends of the tower, one decoring Saradomin in Gold, the other Zamorak in Silver. A Figure of Guthix looked overhead of the two gods, almost as in fear of their mighty powers. I went through the door and into the tower.

The tower was decorated almost like a Holy Church, and figures of Runescapian Heroes were cast near 2 different altars. I approached the Altars carefully. One Altar had the Star of Saradomin on it; the other had the Symbol of Zamorak. I decided to pay my respects to Saradomin, since I wished to rid the evil of this Unholy Land. Suddenly the Tower shook with a might as great as a God's. Soon a figure of a Bright Glowing Axe stood floating in front of me. I grabbed it and the Powers it imbued dispelled. I had received a Dragon Battle Axe from Saradomin as hopes to stopping this evil. Suddenly another weapon stood in front of me, in the figure of a Sword. I decided to also grab this, but a mighty voice from nowhere told me not to grab it, for it seems to have imbued pure evil into this sword. I quickly withdrew my hand and ran for the exit. I went through the crevice and out of the Heroes Guild. Once again a strange presence told me to go further west. I looked for a way and saw a Large Snow Covered Mountain. I ran towards the Mountain, forgetting the Evil Sword that lay there.

~Chapter Five~
The Mountain of Mazes: Part One

Cold...Darkness...And fear struck through me as soon as I reached halfway up the slopes of the harsh White Wolf Mountain. "I must keep going", I kept saying in my head, "For I am the last hope of Runescape." I reached a small ledge I could rest on. I quickly bundled up for warmth but it was too cold to even think anymore. Suddenly I heard a voice call my name above me...

"BOB!!!! It is time you paid for hurting me back in the mines! I shall trap you in the Mazes of the Mountain for all of eternity!!! MUHAHAHA!!!", said the Hacker.

"Oh no you don’t, your not gonna get away with this!"

"Just watch me...".

The Hacker pulled out a bright red sword infused with the symbol of Zamorak on it.

"Now with this Cursed Sword, I banish thee from this realm!"

"Not so fast!", I said while pulling out the Dragon Axe.

"What???? Where did you get... that!"

"The God Saradomin gave it to me, in hopes of defeating you once and for all, and returning peace once again to this land!"

I struck the Hacker with a mighty blow of my Axe and he fell backwards onto the Mountains side.

"Argh....... Fine, you may have won this battle, but you will never return to finish me! Now behold the powers of Zamorak!"

The Dragon Sword began to shine and a large crack in the mountain went right under my feet. Then the crack widened and broke open. "NOooo......", I said as I inevitably fell to my doom.

I awoke a few hours later, but I couldn't tell if it was day or night. One thing was for sure; it was dark, cold and spooky down here. I walked straight into the darkness in hopes of finding my way out. I walked for what it seemed days until I finally saw an edge of light below what it seemed to be a ladder leading further downwards. I climbed down into the foreboding darkness where only a ray of hope seemed to shine by itself.

The room was barely lit what it seemed like to be a candle sitting on top of a table made of pure cold ice. I grabbed it and went on forwards into the darkness. I could soon see a door made of thick ice I could walk through into. I pulled on the door but it was no use. I decided to find another way out, but suddenly the door cracked in half and a large figure of Ice was standing before me! It began to lunge at me, but I pulled my Dragon Axe out and quickly took care of the Ice Beast. Soon, there was a large rumbling and I was soon surrounded by tons of these beings! They grabbed me and threw me down on the floor. I tried to escape but they quickly knocked me out, took my Dragon Axe, and my only Light of Hope flickered out into the sheer darkness.

~Chapter Five~
The Mountain of Mazes: Part Two

I awoke in a lit room with many blue fire torches surrounding a large throne of ice. I tried to move, but chains chained me to the wall. I started to hear footsteps, coming ever closer to me. Fear began to chill down my spine and I almost passed out again. Suddenly a figure stood before me, a cold aurora was emanating from it. I looked up and saw it was the Ice Queen of the White Wolf Mountain. She seemed more timid now, but none the less still aggressive towards intruders. She began to speak to me softly.

"Why did you come here?", she said.

"I fell in here from a crack in the ice after a battle with the Hacker, a person who is controlling Runescape for his enjoyment."

"This is still no excuse for trespassing on Royal Grounds."

"But you must set me free so I can return peace to the lands!"

"I am afraid I cannot do this, for you see, the Hacker has too messed with this area and trapped my Family and Warriors in this horrid Maze forever."

"The Hacker really has some grudge against everyone.... But listen to me, I can defeat him! My Dragon Axe has the power to defeat him!"

"You mean this?", the Ice Queen pulls out the Dragon Axe, "This Weapon of Destruction?"

"Yes, but it is only meant for the Goodness of the Lands, you must set me free!"

"I wish we could but we are stuck here."

"Then let me go, I will find a way out!"

"Alright, but if you do not find a way out in 2 hours, you will have to remain here forever with us as a prisoner."

"I agree to your terms."

The Ice Queen set me free, handed me my Axe, and I set off into the Maze to find an exit. The paths twisted and turned, and eventually running into dead ends. I kept a steady pace and kept going through the Maze.

It was drawing ever colder and I could barely breathe down here anymore. I needed to escape. Soon I was at a large door of Ice that blocked my path. I chopped and hacked away at it with my Axe until it collapsed. I was finally out of the Maze and into the morning sunlight on the other side of White Wolf Mountain. As soon as I left, the confines of the area soon returned to normal and White Wolf Mountain was finally free of the evil curse that was kept inside of it. The Ice Queen soon appeared before me and congratulated me in saving her home.

"Oh thank you so much brave warrior! Please take this as a token of our gratitude!", said the Ice Queen gleefully.

She handed me a Dragon Medium Helmet! I quickly put it on and felt the surge of energy go through me. I could almost be strong enough to defeat the hacker, but I still needed more equipment. I said goodbye to the Ice Queen and thanked her, and ran down the dirt path road to the fishing village of Catherby, with better hopes of finally ending all the pain and suffering in the lands of Runescape.

~Chapter Six~
Sir Gregory's Last Hope

As I entered Catherby, I sat on the shoreline and began to relax. It has been awhile since I actually remember relaxing quietly without interruption again. But this soon broke, since someone in Mithril Armor was running towards me almost panic stricken.

"Get out of the way before you die too!", said the person.

"Hey, watch out!"

"Sorry, it’s just that they are looking for me.... I need to escape back to my home..."

"Who is looking for you?"

"Black Knights of Keep Le Faye... I had to steal a potion from them to save my Family from the curse the Hacker put on us...", the Person's leg began to change into stone, "Oh no, please save my Family... It is my last wish before I fall hand to this curse..."

"Who are you anyway?"

"I am Sir Pryce, one of the Knights of the Round Table of Camelot. Please hurry and save my Son..."

"Don't worry, I will save your son no matter what."

"Thank you grateful warrior, please hurry...", Sir Pryce changes into a stone statue, with the potion still at hand. I quickly took it, and laid Pryce in a Heroic Pose facing the sun before it sets into the darkness of the night.

I quickly ran to Camelot Castle and burst into the doors. All the Knights of the Round Table were turned into stone and everything was in a mess. Soon I heard a shriek upstairs, and I ran as fast as I could up the tattered staircase.

"No please!!! Run Gregory, your are the only remaining Knight of the Round table!", said a Woman.

"Now you die!", said a Mysterious Woman in a mask of gold and silver.

"Mommy... NO!!!", said a young boy in armor.

The woman turned into stone before her Son. The Mysterious Woman then turned to the Son and was about to aim a medallion at him.

"Not so fast!!! Take this!!!", I cried out while hitting the Woman.

"NO! You fool, do you know whom you just hit! I am Morgan Le Faye, the strongest Sorceress in the World!" Morgan expels a burst of energy from her hand that hits me and throws me against the stonewall. "May that teach you for hitting me. Now Sir Gregory, it is time for you to leave this realm and join the other people who deserve to die!"

"No!! Please, someone, help me!!!", cried Gregory.

"Argh... Gregory, take and drink this potion, it will save you from the evil of the medallion...", I say while tossing him the potion. Sir Gregory quickly drinks the potion and teleports out of the Castle.

"NO! What have you done! If all the Knights are not destroyed, I cannot rule Camelot!", said Morgan.

"May this teach you a lesson for hurting the innocent of this land Morgan Le Faye, may you die in your own blood."

I quickly use all the power of my Axe and deliver a hard blow that destroys Morgan for good. The darkness that struck the halls of the Castle soon goes away and everyone returns to normal. Everyone soon gathers downstairs to hear King Arthur speak.

"Citizens of Camelot, we owe a great dept to Bob, the savior of our people, and soon the savior of Runescape. May all our faith be with him in hopes of destroying the evil in this accursed land. Now may we all travel to Seer's Village and have a grand feast!", proclaimed King Arthur.

As the Party went on through the rest of the night, I went back to the beach of Catherby to see if Sir Pryce was alright. His son, Sir Gregory was at the statue of his father, still imprisoned with the curse that Morgan Le Faye had set on him.

"You know, your Dad was a very brave person. Without him, he could have never have gotten the potion to save you."

"I know, I just wish... I could see him one last time.", sobbed Gregory.

Sir Gregory kneeled at his father’s statue and let out a prayer that everything would end up ok. I went off, leaving the two alone as the sun rised up once more on Catherby's shining shore, and the statue of his father, still standing tall and proud against the evil that still lurked the land.

~Chapter Seven~
A Legendary Dream

As I left Catherby, I walked down a dirt road leading to the Legends Guild. I went to the front of it, but there were no guards in sight. I snuck in and went into the Guild. Amazingly this guild was still up and running, but why were there no guards to protect the place? I went up the steps and to my amazement the Hacker once again was there, but he was just standing there, not even moving. I crept up to him closely and tapped him on his back. He didn’t even flinch. I went to the front of him to see if he was even awake, but there was no one in his armor! Suddenly something grabbed me from behind.

"We meet again...", I say as I am being crushed.

"How did you get out of the Mountain, I am quite amazed also at the fact that you killed Morgan Le Faye. But no matter, this time I will just get rid of you here... Muhahaha!", said the Hacker.

The Hacker began to crush my body, and the immense pain from this was almost going to kill me. But then, a Rune Arrow hit the Hacker in his back, causing him to fall to the floor, paralyzed for only a few moments.

"What the heck was that! Where are you..... You'll pay for this!"

A Figure in Yellow Clothing ran quickly down the stairs, while the Hacker got up and started pursuing him. I found this at my advantage and quickly escaped the Legend's Guild. I soon saw the Hacker on top of the roof of the guild, clutching the person in Yellow.

"You fool! May this teach you a lesson for hurting me!", said the Hacker as his Dragon Sword pierced through him.

"Heh, you can't defeat me that easily.", said the person. "Take this! Saradomin Strike!"

A mighty storm soon was created above the Guild, sending mighty bolts of Thunder at the Hacker. The Hacker fell off the Guild, nearly defeated, but then he teleported out of sight. The storm quelled and everything at the Guild returned to normal. The guards came out of hiding and escorted me out of the Guild.

The person in Yellow jumped down and ran off into the woods. I tried following him, but he was too fast for me. I soon turned around and written on a nearby tree was these words, with a half dragon shield put in a small crevice below it.

"May you defeat the Hacker and return peace once again to the World. Please take this and help us defeat him. Find the other half of the Shield in Ardougne. Signed, a friend."

~Chapter Eight~
Thieving Half of your Dreams

I entered the Grand Thieving City of Ardougne 30 minutes later after receiving a Half Dragon Shield from that person from the Legend's Guild. I quickly began searching everywhere for a clue to where the other half would be, but after searching for hours, I soon gave up. I strolled down the sidewalks and to King Lanthas' Castle. I entered it and soon to my amazement, there was the other half of the shield, centered on a wall on the 5th floor.

I burst through the Castle, up the stairs and to the ledge where the Shield was just below me. I tried reaching it, but suddenly a Paladin stopped me and threw me out of the Castle.

"Hey you, don't you dare thieve things here ever. That Shield Half is a very important part of Ardougne's History, dating back to when the City was separated. Don't you dare come back in here again, or there will be trouble.", said the Paladin, slamming the doors to the Castle shut.

"Well, that was nice of him...", I said while trying to think of a way into the Castle. Suddenly it hit me, I would have to sneak my way into the Castle at night, and steal the other half of the Shield. I began to get a Thieving Costume, made of pure Black Leather and a Mask so no one could recognize me.

Later that night, I shimmied up the bricks to the Castle and went to the top ledge once again. I quickly grabbed the Shield Half and began to go back down. As I went down, one of the Bricks came loose and I fell flat into the moat! An alarm sounded and soon Guards and Paladins surrounded the area, looking for me. I quickly swam under the moat below the bridge until it was safe to leave. As soon as the noise died down I crept my way out of the moat and tried to flee the City to the south as fast as I could.

I was soon at the City Zoo, and thought I could hide here for the night. I went down to a corner near one of the Wolf Den Exhibits, took the two Shield Halves and hid them in a loose wall behind me. I tightly sealed it and began to dose off, I though I could just leave here in the morning and make my way out of here.

I awoke in a strange room where one of the walls were steel cast bars... I was caught and thrown in Jail! A Jail Guard came up to the side of my cell and began to talk to me.

"Alright you, where is the other Shield Half?", said the Guard.

"I will never tell you!"

"Then we will make you talk!", the Guard said while getting a Mithril Sword out. "Now TALK!!!"

"No, I will not tell you since I need them to save Runescape!"

"You and about 5 Million other people, face it Newb, you will never save Runescape!"

The Jail Guard opened the Cell up and began to charge at me... I quickly punched him out and ran out of the Cell, grabbed my stuff and fled the Jail as fast as I could.

I went straight to the Zoo, behind the Wolf Den and opened up the wall. I took the two Shield Halves and hopped a boat for Karamja, escaping the Police and getting away with first class crime.

~Chapter Nine~
A Volcano of Evil

As the boat rocked against the ocean and the seagulls cawed their song to the passengers aboard the boat, I went down into my quarters and hid till we reached Karamja.

When the boat finally came to Karamja I jumped off and headed to a nearby anvil. I forged the two shield halves together and finally completed the shield! I wielded it proudly and felt its dragon powers entwine with mine. I only needed Dragonhide Armor now, and I could finally defeat the Hacker once and for all. I headed to the pub of Brimhaven and asked the local Pirates where I could find a Dragon to get its hide.

"Are you nuts? You could never survive a dragon without a shield that can repel its breath!", said a Pirate.

"Ok then, where can I get one of these, Shields?"

"You can buy one from us for 5000 gold doubloons."

"I don't have that much! Is there some other way?"

"Heh, you would have to defeat us all!"

"Alright then, bring it on!"

"Let's get em mateys! Charge!!!"

I defeated all the Pirates in a matter of minutes without breaking a sweat. I quickly ran to one of them who had an Anti-Dragon Breath Shield and took it, getting away before they woke again. I ran to the top of the Volcano, trying to find a way into it. I soon found a ladder, and climbed down it.

It was hot and steamy down in the Volcano, but I persisted to find a Dragon to take its hide. I soon came across a fake wall, which I quickly destroyed and went through into the depths of the Volcano. It began to get hotter and hotter until finally I reached a door with the words 'BEWARE OF ELVARG' scratched into them. I opened the door and found myself face to face with the Green Dragon Elvarg, the toughest Green Dragon around. He began to shoot fire at me, but I blocked it with my Shield. I quickly hit Elvarg with my Dragon Axe and he must have gotten hurt badly since he nearly collapsed. I ran up to the Dragon, growling with pain from the hit. It seemed almost cruel to kill him, but I had no choice. Suddenly, before I swung the final blow, I noticed a suit of Black Dragon Armor some person must have left here when he was fried from Elvarg's Fire Breath. I picked up the intact suit and wore it, it fit perfectly and finally I had gotten all the Dragon Armor! I left Elvarg here, and closed the door as I left the Volcano.

As I went outside the Volcano, I saw the Hacker, once again waiting for me. This time I was ready to defeat him once and for all. I charged at him with my mighty Dragon Axe with all my power, but as soon as I struck him, a strange light surrounded me, and teleported me off the island!

"We will fight soon enough, just not now Bob, I hope you like traveling to Yanille from Varrock! MUHAHAHA!", said the Hacker just before he sent me away to Varrock.

I crashed hard into the large fountain in Varrock Square, completely knocking myself out and falling down into the ground, floating face up on the water.

~Chapter Ten~
A Little Person, A Big Help

I woke up in a comfy bed, which seemed like quite and ironic situation once again after hitting into the fountain of Varrock. I got up and all my stuff was laid nicely on the floor, all polished and everything. I grabbed it and went out the door. As I went outside, I could only see dense forests surrounding a small tree perched up on a hill. I went up to the tree and there I saw in all these years, a Gnome.

"So ye awake ye are?", said the Gnome in his usually high voice.

"Um, yes... Where are we?"

"Oi... Your outside North of Varrock ye are. My friends and I took ye up here and put ye in that cabin to rest we did. You can come back with us if ye like friend of Gnome Village." "But, I haven't did anything to become friends with you...?"

"But ye will, save us from the Hacker ye will. Hurry now, touch the magickal tree barks of this magickal Spirit Tree here. You will be teleported closer to your destination ye will."

"Um.... Ok?"

I touched the rough tree bark of the mystical Spirit Tree and felt its energy course through me.... I began to dissipate, and then everything went black. I soon found myself standing face up in what the Gnomes call The Gnome Stronghold, which is near Ardougne, but just south of Ardougne is Yanille.

"What took ye so long adventurer Bob? Ye must make haste quickly to save the Runescapian world ye must.", said the Gnome.

I ran past the front entrance very quickly and said goodbye to my Gnome friends who got me here. They supplied me with many things to help fight the Hacker. They gave me their special food that could instantly heal you up in seconds. I had to sneak past Ardougne, which was no problem going through the sewers....

I ended up south of Ardougne, but not close enough to Yanille. I set off running faster than ever. I could feel myself being pushed by all my friends who helped me get to this point once and for all. I was almost there; I could feel the magical energy coming from the Magic Guild as I saw the tower stick out over the next hill. I kept my pace and sped towards Yanille.

I finally reached the front gates of Yanille, but they were closed shut due to a rockslide. I had to find a way in! I soon found a Watchtower close by and ran too it, climbing the rocks into a window. Suddenly I heard a large cracking voice, which could only mean he was here. I hid in behind a window, as I watched him closely to see what he would do next.

The Hacker took out his Dragon Sword, given to him by Zamorak and gave a mighty swing which shock the Earth like it was going to explode. Suddenly the Magic Guild broke into millions of pieces, shattering debris and runes everywhere. A tower then stuck out from the ground where the Magic Guild was. It was a huge tower, festering with evil and everything in it. The Hacker made his way to the top of the Tower, and settled there, as he watched the Runescape world turn into Chaos. I had to stop him, before it’s all over.

~Chapter Eleven~
The Trials of Zamorak

I jumped off the tower, landing on my feet. I ran to the tower, and pushed the door open. I went up the staircase that was perched at the other end to a platform were, another fight was to pursue.

The Beast let out a howl and started to charge me, I quickly dodged it and took out my Dragon Axe. I swung at the Beast and my Dragon Axe had no effect on it! The Beast rammed backwards and I flew towards the wall. Suddenly the Hacker spoke using some kind of weird energy thing.

"Muhahaha.... You cannot defeat the first of 3 Trials Bob, you will never stop the Delrith!!!", said the Hacker.

The Delrith charged again at me and I rolled out of the way. I had to find a way to stop him. Time was running short and I had to stop the Hacker. Delrith soon caught up to me and rammed me into the wall again. It was about to be over... he was too strong for me.... But just then a bright light struck the Delrith and cast him back into the shadows, a sword lay were he stood. I picked up the blade and felt a surge of pure good energy surge through me. "This blade must cast evil back to where it was from", I said to myself. Just then stairs appeared and I went up them to the next platform of evil that awaited me.

The next beast was an even bigger beast than before... He held greater powers than of the Delrith, and surely could destroy a city in seconds.

"Blast you for defeating Delrith.... No matter, Nezikchened will destroy you surely!", said the Hacker.

Nezikchened, the fabled Demon you must defeat in the Legend's Quest has once again been brought back to destroy us all. I had to defeat him. I quickly swung my Axe at him, knowing the Sword that I had just received would only make him a pinch weaker. I quickly hit him over and over again. But it was no good; he quickly slammed me with his mighty hands and thrust me into the floor nearly crushing me. I healed quickly with some food and charged again, this time making somewhat of an effort in destroying him. He swung at me again, but I blocked with my mighty Dragon Shield and swung at his arm, hurting him severely. I then thrust my Axe into his chest and made him suffer. He fell over with a thud, nearly breaking the floor into pieces and finishing both of us. Stairs once again appeared and I climbed them.

The next room was decored like a cave. It was nearly pitch black, and I could barely see anything. I went to the middle of the room, and stood there, quietly, and waiting for my final test.

"Alright then fool, you leave me no choice. I will defeat you once and for all with my final defense. You should have backed away when you could, but it is no use now... May you die for even trying to stop me!!! MUHAHAHAHA!!!! Come on out... My faithful servant....", said the Hacker, as I gulped in fear...

Soon a strange presence struck through me... I felt something was coming at me, slowly but it knew where I was... It knew I wouldn't survive... I couldn't see it, but I felt it... all around me... I felt the presence of evil all around me... It was about to drive me insane.... Soon a Fireball shot straight at me, casting 70 percent of my life away... I healed quickly, and soon found myself face to face with the most evil ever seen in mankind. There he was, in all his glory... The King Black Dragon...

The Dragon struck and charged at me with every blow it had, I had to defend myself so I kept blocking and hitting it. Soon a massive Fireball was cast at me, and a cloud of smoke appeared everywhere. No one could see anything; all you could hear was the roar of the Dragon, and the sound of my mighty Dragon Axe. As the dust cleared, there I was, perched on top of the King of all Dragons, victorious in defeating the Final Challenge of Zamorak. Stairs appeared, and I climbed up them...

~Chapter Twelve~
The Fate of the World

It seemed to take forever until I finally got to the top of the tower. I looked around but I couldn't see anything. I leaned over the top of the tower to look at the world, as the blue ocean turned into molten lava, the towns bursting into flames and the ground scorched to a crispy brown color. The world seemed to shake uncontrollably at times and it seemed that the tower itself would fall. Then the evil feeling hit me again... I turned around and there was the Hacker, standing in the middle of the arena.

"So Bob, you like my new world? I believe I shall keep it like this to honor my god, Zamorak! I hope Saradomin lays pity on your soul when I destroy you! Watch as Runescape falls into the hands of Chaos!"

Just then the world started to shake violently, and everything was starting to be engulfed in lava and flames. You could see nothing, just this tower were the Hacker and I stood. Everything was gone, erased from the world, never to be seen again.

"You.... You destroyed Runescape! How could you! You just destroyed the thing you wanted to conquer! You will pay for this Hacker, you will pay for every pain everyone had to suffer, you will pay for the destruction of the enjoyments of the world, and you will pay for killing my friends!"

I charged at the Hacker with all my might, but he jumped up, took out his Dragon Sword and smacked me in my back. I got up and charged at him again. This time he cast a Fire Wave at me and I quickly dodged it, smacking him in the face with my Dragon Axe. He backed up and started casting more spells at me. I deflected them and one of the Fire Waves hit him. He fell over on one of the corners of the arena. I ran up to him and he got up, and struck me hard, almost making me fall off to the edge of the arena. He came close and tried to defeat me but I got up and blocked his Sword with my Axe.

We clashed our mighty weapons together until sparks started to fly from the power it was emitting. I overpowered him and threw him to the floor. The Hacker looked up at me and started to tell me that I would never defeat him, no matter if I killed him. I took my Dragon Axe, and with the power of all my Dragon Armor, my Axe felt supercharged and I took one final swing at the Hacker.

"May you die in your own blood...", I said as my Dragon Axe hit him in his heart.

The Hacker laid there, dead and cold. I walked to the edge of the tower to see if I had done anything. But, why didn't anything return to normal? It should have, I defeated the Hacker... The Hero should win!!!...

Just then the Hackers body started to float behind me, and fell into the lava... Another large rumbling started to occur and as soon as I figured out what happened, it was too late.... He was the real problem, not the Hacker... The Hacker was just the puppet to him so he could overtake the world. I should have guessed that he was behind all this...

I should have guessed...

Guessed that....

Zamorak was the real problem.

Zamorak cackled and laughed as he stared down at me. His body engulfed with flames. He was a giant, taller than the tower, with a figure of a mighty sword in his hands.

"Heh...Heh...Heh... Fool, you should have run like all the others. Now you die for destroying my Hacker.", said Zamorak.

"Oh NO!!!!"

Zamorak swung his mighty sword into the tower and chopped it in half. I jumped but it was no use, I fell straight into the Lava, to die and never be seen again, as evil ruled the Runescapian World forever.

~Chapter Thirteen~
One Last Attempt



And Death was surrounding me as the Lava was killing me.

Zamorak stood there, watching me die as I burned.

But, I felt a strange presence just then surrounding me. I could feel no pain, and my wounds were healed. I was floating, above the Lava, and staring at Zamorak, with my mighty Dragon Axe still in my hand. Then a presence appeared before me. A person with golden robes and a Staff made of Ivory and Gold. I thought that I was going to be taken away to death but no, instead the Figure shot out lightning at Zamorak, nearly defeating him. The Figure then turned around and touched my Dragon Axe. It turned into a Golden Axe and I could feel Saradomin's power engulf me. The Figure disappeared and I was left with Zamorak. I floated, and then crashed into Zamorak with a mighty blow. Zamorak felt the pain of Saradomin against his chest.

Zamorak then tried to attack with his Sword, but I blocked and cut his Sword in half with my Golden Axe. I then attacked him one last time, striking him hard and making him fall into the pits of Hell one last time.

The God fell into the Lava and didn't come out. I then started to disappear, and ended up in a white room, with no entrance, or escape. I looked around and before me were 2 Statues and a Figure. One of the Statues had the name "Guthix" in Silver written below it. The other, "The King of Runescape" in Bronze, with a figure I could almost recognize.... Then the Figure turned around and it was the same person who saved me from the Lava. I ran up to him and saw his golden presence. It was the God Saradomin. He began to speak to me.

"Bob... Savior of Runescape... You have finally defeated the evil that has engulfed the world. You are the bravest soul of Runescape ever. You had the Courage, Power and Wisdom to defeat the Hacker and Zamorak. You should return the world to its normal form now. All you have to do is place these 4 Orbs in their correct places in the Runescape World. I will temporarily protect you from the Lava as you place the Orbs into the Podiums of the Champion's Guild, Heroes' Guild, Legend's Guild and the Basement of the Castle of Varrock. I wish you luck on your final quest."

With that Saradomin sent me away and I ran to each of the places, putting the Orbs in the Podiums that were hidden in them. The World turned black around me and I could feel myself disappear.

~Chapter Fourteen~
The After-Party

I awoke in Lumbridge, I could see the luscious green grass, the flowing blue streams and the Castle intact once again. I saw everyone was running towards me. I still had my Armor on and my Dragon Axe was back to normal. Every started to thank me, then log off to the 'Real World' finally after they couldn't for so long. I ran everywhere and everything seemed normal again. I came finally to the Shores of Catherby. I ran to the spot where Sir Pryce was a statue and saw that it was gone. I ran to Camelot Castle and through the Gates was young Sir Gregory, and once again Sir Pryce playing Gnomeball as they had before. Sir Pryce's Wife came out and gave them a nice bowl of Curry. I was thankful everything was back to normal for them. I ran down to Yanille, and saw that the Wizard's Guild was back up and everything was normal. I hiked back to the Legend's Guild and saw that the Gates were open.... I ran in thinking something was wrong but before I could open the Oak Doors, I felt a presence upon me. It was the Figure in Yellow Clothing again. This time dressed up as the figure of 'The King of Runescape'. He began to talk.

"Congratulations on bringing back Runescape. May we hope we will never do this again.", he grinned and logged out.

The World became black once again and I began to go into the 'Real World' again as well. I was sitting there, next to the terminal I was at playing Runescape. I got up back to my normal life and left the monitor still on, with the words "The End" flickering on and off of the screen. Then, for a flash of a second, you could see the figure of a Dragon Sword, engulfed by flames.

So that’s the story of how I saved the Runescape World. Now you know the truth behind my story, and I will never tell it a different way. I hope you enjoyed it and you better come back, because I have plenty more adventure stories to tell you.



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