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 Post subject: Future of RuneScape: The Power of Good, by warisraw1234
PostPosted: December 15th, 2014, 8:35 pm 
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Future of RuneScape
The Power of Good
by warisraw1234

(Zamorak's Lair, 200 years after the battle of Gnomes and Khazard)

"I have destroyed most of this peaceful land, most of the cities are under my control now, and Saradomin and Guthix cannot do anything about it!" Zamorak laughed evilly. Two-hundred years have passed after the great battle, the battlefield is deserted, and most of the towns are inhabited by Zamorak's minions. Saradomin has put a shield above Camelot to protect it. The monastery is under siege and many brave warriors die protecting it. However, something has taken place in Camelot castle......

"My lord, your wife Queen Fiona has given birth to a baby." reports a servant.
"What's the use of a son to me now? The land is in ruins and Saradomin may not be able to protect us anymore!" King Arthur III sighed. Suddenly there was a flash of light and a white figure appeared.
"I am Saradomin, god of good. I bring to you an ancient prophecy. When Zamorak rises, Saradomin weakens. And a baby shall be born into a royal family. Savior of the people, Zamorak's equal. He shall wield his father's sword and shield and fight in the battle of Good and Bad. Your son holds the keys to the future of this world. However, you must raise him in secret. If Zamorak finds him, all shall perish." Saradomin paused for a moment. "Queen Fiona must accompany him to my temple near the entrance to Dwarven mine. There you will teach him how to fight and the ways of good. When he has learned all he needs, let him have Excalibur and this," A red shield appeared in front of King Arthur III. "Protect him with all your might!" With these words the God of Good, Saradomin, vanished in a flash of blinding light.
"You must go now my queen, for our future is at stake, take this sword and shield and bring him to the monastery. I am sorry for I have to stay here and guard our palace," explained King Arthur III.
"I know my lord, and I shall take good care of our son." The king placed Excalibur and the shield in his wife's arms, kissed her and his son and said "Galaheart I shall call him, Galaheart the destroyer of evil, named after my grandfather Arthur I's greatest knight." And as he finished his words, the wizard Merlin took them in a flash of light, and teleported the mother and child to their destination.

(Zamorak's Lair)

"I suddenly sense a holy feeling; it is like a hero of all heroes has been born." A short meditative pause is ended by his own command, "Thrantrax, go find out who is the newborn hero!" ordered Zamorak.
Thrantrax the demon appeared and said "Yes master! I shall destroy your new enemy for you master!" Thrantrax went.

When Galaheart was only eleven years old, Thrantrax discovered him and tried to kill him, many monks died. Fiona took out Excalibur and fought Thrantrax with it. Just as she struck the final blow, Thrantrax took a desperate swipe at her. Both hit each other at the same time. Thrantrax was destroyed but Fiona lay motionless on the ground. Monks gathered around her and prayed silently, Galaheart was saddened and he vowed to destroy Zamorak once and for all. He picked up Excalibur wiped it in grief. From that day onwards, he trained all he could. At the age of sixteen, he was a very skilled fighter. He bade farewell to the monks who took care of him when his mother died and he made his way back to Camelot castle. There, he told his father that he was ready to go and avenge his mother and all the people who died protecting the land. Then he set off, shield in one hand and Excalibur in the other.

"Spirit of the undead, Staff of death, Breath of evil" Chanted Zamorak as he put three nasty looking herbs into a pot of bubbling green potion. There was a loud blast and a disfigured figure appeared. "I have created my very own 'son'. I shall name you Iban, and you have the power of Zamorak. Now, go, go and kill the 'savior' of the land before he destroys me, go now!" ordered Zamorak.
"I shall go my creator." Iban proclaimed. Then he disappeared in a flash of darkness and smell of the dead.

Throughout his journeys, Galaheart killed many monsters and saved many poor, helpless people from Zamorak's minions. When he was raiding the chaos altar one day, Iban appeared and said "So you are the mortal sent by Saradomin to defeat Zamorak? Prepare to die!"
"No, I think you will die instead," replied Galaheart.
"I am Iban, son of Zamorak. You can't kill me" shouted Iban. "Iban Blast!" screamed Iban as he threw some runes into the air. As they crumbled, a massive shock wave of energy hit Galaheart. He fell but got back up. Iban whipped out his sword and both of them started striking at each other. While Iban was strong, Galaheart was stronger. Galaheart thrust his sword into Iban's heart. Everything was motionless for two seconds, and then Iban crumbled into dust. A split second later, a huge giant figure appeared. It was Zamorak.
"You have thwarted my plans for long enough! Die human!" Before Galaheart could resist, he was flying off in one direction, he hit the wall and fell to the floor, his heart filled with emotion as he thought about the poor helpless people he met, his mother, the people who died protecting him. Zamorak shouted "What is happening!? My energy is draining!!" Galaheart seized this chance and struck Zamorak with his sword. "This is for me!" He struck Zamorak in the head with Excalibur. Excalibur glowed with bright red and Zamorak screamed loudly. "This is for my family!" Again, Galaheart struck Zamorak. Excalibur glowed with bright blue. "And this is for the people of RuneScape!" Excalibur turned into a glowing dragon and struck repeatedly at Zamorak, it then flew up and charged head down into where the heart should be at Zamorak. There was a blinding flash of light and a deafening roar and scream. When the noise died down and Galaheart opened his eyes, Saradomin was standing there in front of him. "Well done Galaheart. You have saved the world from Zamorak's clutches. Your father will be proud." Saradomin talked in an old tired voice.
"What about the people who are suffering in the ruins of the cities? And Zamorak's minions?" asked Galaheart.
"That will be easy enough for me to accomplish," said Saradomin as he chanted a strange line of words. Then he said, "I must go now. The next generation of RuneScape shall never forget you."

Galahad blinked and found himself in Camelot Castle, greeted by a crowd of people. "Well done son, you have restored peace to the land. I am proud of you!" exclaimed King Arthur III.
"Now lets go for the celebration shall we?" asked Galahad. And so, our hero Galahad defeated the evil and ruled as King for a hundred years. And as Saradomin said, the next generation never forgot him.


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