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 Post subject: The Crystal Key, by Gobberhop
PostPosted: December 15th, 2014, 1:07 am 
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The Crystal Key
by Gobberhop

Part one- In the Beginning

Gecko and his friend Hitman were sitting in Falador bar. "Lets go now" said Gecko.
"Yea c'mon", Hitman agreed.
They proceeded across Falador to the west bank. "What shall we do now Hitman?", Gecko asked.
"Well I've been saving up some prayer potions. I've got enough for both of us, so we could go to the Black Dragons what do you say?" Hitman replied.
"Yea great idea!" said Gecko. They both went to there own banks, checking that they had everything. They were both thinking to themselves what they needed. Monks Robes, check. Dragon Amulet, check. Prayer pots, check. Dragon Axe, check. Anti Drag Shield, check. Bit of Food, check. Dusty Key, check. Rune Large, check.
"Got everything," Gecko said.
"Me too" Hitman replied.
"Lets go" Gecko then said. Gecko came out of Falador bank and proceeded North with Hitman following him. Soon they got out of Falador and went towards the members' gate.
"Hi Doric," Hitman said passing by, there was no reply.
"He's probably busy smithing" Gecko said. They reached the members gate. They opened it and it shut behind them. They then proceeded south. Finally reaching the members dungeon, they entered down the ladder. They went straight to the door guarded by the suits of armor. They each attacked a suit of armor then proceeded through the door. They then went through the ghosts and giant bats until they reached a black knight. The black knight attacked Hitman, but Hitman defeated it with no problem. They continued through the Animated axe hall and then tread carefully through the poisonous scorpions. They eventually meat the Chaos dwarves. They got through the Chaos dwarves after having to beat a couple of them. Then they reached the Lesser Demons. Luckily for them someone just happened to be training on them. So only one Demon attacked either of them; they passed through the door safely. Although after getting through the door baby blue dragons were on to them! They had there anti dragon breath shields so they didn't lose much health. They passed the Blue Dragons no problem simply because there were 2 people training on them. They then proceeded to the Greater (black) Demons.
"Let's run through them," Gecko said. With great courage they charged at the demons. One of the demons got a great big swoop of Gecko, Gecko lost 20 health.
"Ouch!!!" Gecko shouted. But Hitman pulled Gecko through the Demons and got Gecko to safety.
"Thanks Hitman I owe you one!" Gecko ate some food which he brought with him.
"Back onto full health now." They then had there toughest challenge yet, the poisonous spiders. They walked into the spiders both getting attacked by one. But both with great skill passed by without getting poisoned.
"Yes we got passed them!" Gecko shouted. They both got through the monks of Zamorak easily seeing as they were all on one side of the room. There at the black dragons they were. There were already two people fighting the dragons. They both were very brave warriors withstanding the dragons flame. Gecko and Hitman went up the ladder to the water obelisk.
"We made it!" Hitman said. After a hard journey through the members' dungeon they finally made it to the black dragons. After recovering totally they both went back down the ladders where the other two people had just finished fighting. They both took up the dragon spawn spots, and Gecko got the first dragon.

Part two- The Shiny Key

The dragon on Gecko's spot appeared with rage and immediately attacked Gecko. Gecko quickly prayed and the good Saradomin gave him the paralyze monster strength. Gecko hit quite well on the dragon and when it was on 3/4 health another dragon appeared again full of rage, Hitman immediately knelt down and prayed Saradomin gave him the paralyze monster ability. The dragon the breath got Hitman and Hitman lost 5 health. So the two battlers continued until there dragon was finally dead. Gecko's died first and he picked up the dragon bones and the coins which the dragon had dropped. However when Hitman's dragon died he found half of a shiny key under his dragon bones. They both went up to the island.
"Gecko, take a look at this." Hitman said. Gecko gazed over to Hitman, but suddenly jumped with glory when he saw the half if the key
"Hitman that's amazing, do you know what that key can do,"
"Yes I do Gecko," Hitman replied. Gecko felt an extreme rage for the other half of the key. He swung himself down the ladder, and there, right in front of him was a loose dragon. Gecko knelt down and prayed and the dragon proceeded not to hit him. Gecko battled hard and fiercely. The fight was over, Gecko saw the dragon bones. But underneath the dragon bones was the other half of the key! Gecko's heart sprang he rushed up the ladder and nearly screamed.
"I've got it , I've got the other half of the key!"
"Really?! Let's see," said Hitman. Gecko proceeded to show Hitman the other half of the key.
"Wow!!!!!!" said Hitman. After they had calmed down, they said lets put the two halves together. They fitted perfectly.
"Let's go home," said Gecko. They both rubbed there dragon amulets and teleported to Edgeville where there home was. They put the shiny key in there bank and went to bed.
"Let's go and open the chest tomorrow," said Gecko
"Yea," said Hitman. They then went to sleep. Both of them feeling happier than ever before. The next morning Gecko woke up and saw that Hitman wasn't there. He went to the bank but Hitman wasn't there. He asked the banker. "May I have my shiny key, please?"
"Your shiny key was taken out at midnight last night," the banker replied, "by a person named Hitman." That's odd thought Gecko we agreed to take it to the chest this morning. Gecko was very puzzled and thought the only place to go now would be the chest. He walked there it took a bit of time but he reached it. He went into the building with the chest and his heart pounded harder tan ever before. The chest was open and the loot was gone.
"I'll get you Hitman," He whispered.

Part Three-Revenge

Gecko was very angry at this point. Hitman had been unfaithful to Gecko and very Greedy also. Gecko clambered over White Wolf Mountain, fending off the wolves. How shall I get him? he kept asking himself. Then suddenly he had a great idea. He would build himself an army of the followers on Saradomin and defeat Hitman and get all his money. He made his way to the monastery.
After he got there he asked a monk, "May I have some Monk knights to help me with my cause."
"What may be your cause?" the monk replied.
"Last night my friend took one of our most valuable items," Gecko answered.
The monk, being interested, asked Gecko, "What kind of valuable item."
"It was a Crystal key that can open the chest for the rare gem called Dragonstone," Gecko replied
"That's a serious betrayal," The monk replied. "You may have twenty well train level 30 knights."
"Oh thank you so much," Gecko replied.

Gecko and the knights searched long and hard all over the land of RuneScape. Asking people but there was no sign of anyone who had seen Hitman. They eventually found someone who said they had seen a man with some ghosts training on some Dummies. The immediately went straight to Ardougne the capital of Kandarin. There in King Lathas's training ground, were ten, level fifty, Ghost of Zamorak's and worse of all, Hitman. Gecko immodestly went to the gate. But the guard wouldn't let Gecko in seeing as he didn't have King Lathas' permission. But under Gecko's orders the monk knights charged the gate down and stood at the entrance.
"Hitman, you thief!" Gecko shouted. Hitman didn't here it he was too busy punching the dummies. Gecko ordered the monk knights to attack the ghosts. The ghosts turned and reacted quickly. They battled it out, Monk Knights against Ghosts of Zamorak. Most of the ghosts were beating one knight then losing to the next. The war went on and most knights and ghosts died, then with one ghost and one knight left the pair both lost against each other, no-one had won. "You thief," Gecko shouted.
"Ha-ha, I am a thief but I have the money," Hitman replied.
"Come on then a one on one battle," Gecko said. "Last man standing."
"Come on then! Bring it on," Hitman replied. Gecko knelt down and prayed, Hitman did too, but there seemed to be no effect on Hitman
Gecko laughed, "Ha-ha you were unfaithful to Saradomin now there's no prayer for you at all!" They wielded all there weapons and proceeded to fight. Gecko immediately hit a 25 followed by a 23 which Hitman replied with two 0s. Hitman then hit a 13 followed by a 6.
"Pathetic!" Hitman exclaimed. In the next few rounds only 0s were hit. Then Gecko put on all his raise stats by 15% prayers and hit two 15s and Hitman crumbled. Where he was, laid all his armor, a Dragon battle axe and a shiny Dragonstone.

Monster drop video 1
Monster drop video 2
Monster drops vid 3
Kalphite Queen solo vid
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