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 Post subject: Chronicles of Falador, by Lochner
PostPosted: December 15th, 2014, 12:34 am 
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Chronicles of Falador
The Tales of Draynor Manor
by Lochner (2005)

Chapter one: Beginnings

"Excuse me;" asked a young man, "Do you know where I can find a food store? You see, I just got here from a long journey, and I don't know where anything is." The man was tall and strong, brown eyes, with a curious and joyful face. A wooden shield, a bronze sword, and various other adventuring equipments were the man's belongings.
"There is a general store, just west of here," replied a guide. "There should be some food in stock there," he finished with a pondering look. "How much money you got?"
"300GP, sir," said the young man looking in his pouch.
"Well with 300GP, you can get more than just some food! You can find some great deals there"
"Oh really? Thank you! You've been a help," finished the young man, waving his hand goodbye as he walked westward glancing around looking for the store.

The youthful man hurried along, as he was very hungry! He read each sign as he walked along the western road. "Ah, there it is!" The sign read 'Lumbridge General Store'. He looked at the sign, then down the road. 'Lumbridge Furnace' he read, looking out into the distance gazing out across the fields glowing with the light rays from the rising sun behind him. "There must be tons of land out there!"
Finally, he entered the store, and was greeted not long after. "What can I do for you?" the shop keeper asked friendly like.
"I am looking for some food; after my long journey here" replied the man "I also hear that you have some great deals."
"Well, I can't say I don't. I can sell you a few loaves of bread for real cheap." offered the shop owner.
"Yes, please." agreed the man glancing around. His glancing soon stopped at a fine looking Iron Sword. Wondering eyes soon left the Iron Sword, and peered down at the man's own sword. "What a blessing that would be, to wield a new blade, like that one, and rid myself of this old bronze sword," wished the hungry buyer.
"It's on sale for only 100GP," the shop keeper urged. "That there is an Iron Long Sword, weighs about four lbs and it can cut down a goblin in less time than it takes you to walk from here to the next shop over. And since you are going to get a sword, why not get a shield? Your wooden shield you got there doesn't look like it can stand much more than a quick blow from the sword I'm offering you." claimed the shop owner proudly.
"I got 280GP left to buy the sword and shield. Is it enough?" asked the man hopefully.
"Sure! This Iron Square Shield is only 70GP" replied the satisfied shop owner.
"Then I will take the both of them, and sell you my bronze sword and wooden shield for 60GP. Fair deal?" questioned the man in optimism.
"Fair enough." answered the satisfied shop owner.

Upon walking out of the shop, new weapons in hand, the man spotted a woman, dressed in a servants clothes running towards him. "Help! Help!" yelled the woman. The distressed servant walked up to many men and asked for help, crying, "My mistress's caravan is under attack by a group of goblins!" but nobody would even pay a glance to her need. The man, on hearing this, remembered the shop owner's words. 'It can cut down a goblin in less time than it takes you to walk from here to the next shop over.'
Hurrying over to the woman and sheathing his sword, the youth asked, "Where is this caravan?"
"It is just east of here across the bridge and due north from that point," the woman answered in distress.
The man replied, "I will go there and help. Do not come close to the scene until it is safe," and ran to the bridge. From the bridge, the man looked up the road and saw goblins running around throwing spears into grounded bodies and burning the various carriages that were gathered together. Wielding his sword, the man ran at the goblins with plans of attack. He surprised a goblin on the outside of the melee from behind and killed the monster. More goblins came out of the wooded areas by groups of five. Choosing carefully on the groups of goblins, the man picked the ones that were farthest away from the others, to keep him in a semi-safe scenario. He slid through the waves of goblins with hardly any trouble, taking them out as fast as his weapons would allow, and faster than the shop owner had claimed. More than half of the goblins had fallen before other men, seeing the now easy chance to be a hero, came running to fend off the goblins. Some guards at a nearby gate were having trouble with goblins themselves, while a woman in royalty's dress clothes lay on the ground pleading for mercy. Her life-threatening attacker stood above her, spear raised in two hands, ready to lunge at her in any moment. "Back away from her, you filthy rat!" cried the man. The goblin, frightened, gazed at the man charging for him. The heartless goblin turned his attention away from the woman and brought down his spear to defend against the charging hero! While the goblin was holding his spear vertically, the man took advantage of his foe's folly, and stabbed at the goblin, but the goblin was fast enough to move out of the way. The two battled fiercely for more than twenty bouts! The goblin finally swung a death blow to the man, as the man sliced the spear in half, shattering it, sending wood splinters into the goblin's weak armor. Blood flowing down the edge of a sword ended the battle. The goblin's pierced chest ran cold as the sword was pulled out. Frozen with life drawn from him, the goblin fell to the ground, never to return to his feet.
Getting up, the woman thanked the man for saving her life, as all men around them cried for joy, seeing the death of the goblin clan. "These goblins have been attacking travelers coming and going from Lumbridge for weeks now," explained the woman. "None have been able to defeat their leader, except for you." She paused as her servant ran towards them with joy. "I am Lady Elizabeth, wife of the Duke of Lumbridge, and this is my servant, Gloria."
"My name is Dominic. I had just gotten out of the general store, when your servant told me about your troubles."
"Oh my," exclaimed Gloria with a care filled voice. "Your bag is ruined from the battle!"
Dominic searched his inventory to ensure nothing was lost in his battle, only to find it not missing, but not in good order either. "My Bread!" exclaimed Dominic. "It's crushed!"
"Do not worry, Dominic," assured Lady Elizabeth. "I will take you to the Lumbridge Castle. There you will meet my husband, feast, and tell us all about you. Let my servant, Gloria, escort you there." Elizabeth's odd look towards Gloria caught Dominic's eye, but he heeded no attention to it.

Gloria and Dominic followed along down the path to the bridge, headed for Lumbridge Castle, while Lady Elizabeth stayed back with a handful of guards, and some other servants. The river flowed strong underneath Dominic and Gloria, as they crossed the wooden bridge, and the small town of Lumbridge seemed so peaceful. They entered the castle courtyard, after passing by the church to their left. The gate to the courtyard was a large arch with no doors. They both walked along, without talking to each other. Gloria kindly directed him, "This way, Dominic," every once in awhile, but spare that, not much was said. In the courtyard was a fountain along with many children playing. A woman was filling up a jug of water, while her child ran around her, pulling on her clothes in excitement.
The castle was large, with two levels, and two towers that extended to a third level. It was not very roomy, for how big it was, and the way up to the next level was by narrow stairs, rounding its way up. "Your quarters will be on the second level. Please follow me." She climbed up a flight of stairs and lead Dominic down a hall to the second door on the right. When Gloria opened the door, Dominic's eyes were brightened by the magnificence of the room. There was a large window, directly across the room from the door. Dominic fixed his eyes on the view. He could see the courtyard and the bridge they had crossed earlier. Soon enough though, Dominic's moment was interrupted, "Lunch will be served soon, and supper will follow some hours later. I will come and get you for lunch, when it is ready. Until then, feel free to walk around the castle." Gloria continued to tell him where things were located in the castle, and where he could find things to do throughout the day.

Chapter two: Tales of Draynor Manor

"I would like to thank you for saving my wife's life." The Duke states at the table, before dinner. "Now, please, allow me to toast to our meeting. Elizabeth would not be alive, now, if it were not for you." The duke raised his cup, followed by Elizabeth, their servant Gloria, --who was now dressed in the liking of Elizabeth and Dominic. The duke then made a toast, "To our guest and friend, Dominic, may he live long, and retain good health." The duke lowered his cup to his mouth then drank it. The other three drank as well. "Now, please, tell me about yourself."
"Well," began Dominic, deep in thought. "I came from a land far away, a land with no name. I cannot remember much, but it was nothing like this. I was brought to this world a few weeks ago. I found myself on an island where men taught me to fight, and various other skills. I was taught to cook, mine, manage my expenses, use magic, chop trees, and make fires. The people there taught me all these things, and how to do them with the greatest efficiency, and skill. I, also, learned about this continent and some landmarks in it." After pausing a moment, in relief, Dominic concluded. "I wish I knew more about my life before I came into this world. I want to know who my parents were, and where I came from."
"Ah, may that be, that you're answered on your journey through the vast world of RuneScape," implied the duke. "Dinner is reaching an end, and whenever I have guests, I always give them acknowledgement of the people who served them." Upon clapping twice, four servants and one chef exited the kitchen and entered the dining room, in single file. The duke went through every one of them, and Dominic thanked them greatly.
"You have shown me your servants, but why does your other servant, Gloria, dine with us tonight?" Dominic questioned. Lady Elizabeth and Gloria laughed a little under their breath. Elizabeth looked at the duke, questioningly, that was replied by the dukes nodding head.
"This is not our servant, Dominic," Elizabeth explained. "Gloria is our daughter. She had servant's clothes on before incase we were attacked. Then when she ran for help, the goblins would not bother in pursuing her. Our plan obviously worked." The duke clapped his hands twice and the four servants came out from the kitchen, and removed the plates from the table.
"I hope you enjoyed yourself, Dominic," the Duke began. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"
"I can't thank you enough," Dominic expressed with joy. "But, could I ask one more favor?"
The Duke nodded in agreement. "Anything," he replied.
"Could you suggest any places to go and find adventure?" asked Dominic. "I would like to venture the world of RuneScape, and learn more about it, maybe find where I came from."
"There is a small village on the other side of the western woods. It is called Draynor Village, after the abandoned manor, which is said to be haunted, by the count who used to live there. They say he is now a vampire who terrorizes all who strays too close to his house. There is also a scientist there who has been working on a machine." Explains the Duke. "I am not sure what is does, but I am sure you could go there and find out."
"Then I will leave in the morning," declared Dominic. "Thank you for the excellent food. I will now retire to my quarters."
"Please, please. You will need your rest for the long journey ahead of you!" reminded the Duke. "Will you need Gloria to show you the way?"
"No, thank you," replied Dominic. "I believe I can find my way." Dominic rose from his seat and thanked the family, once again, then went to his quarters until the sun arose again.

Journey to Draynor

In the morning, Dominic awoke at the sun's first light, ready and rested. He dressed himself and carried his items with him. After, he climbed down the ladder to the kitchen for some breakfast before he left. "Oh, dear me!" came an alarmed voice. "How will I ever get the ingredients for the Duke's cake, with that stupid accident blocking the roads to the cow fields? And the eggs and wheat supply has run low!"
"What do you mean?" interrupted Dominic curiously, turning the corner into the kitchen.
"Oh! You scared me there," jumped the chef, who had made dinner for Dominic, the night before. A chef's hat crowned the chef's head, and he wore a white apron around his neck, and then tied behind his back.
"What is wrong?" asked Dominic. "You look worried."
"It's the blasted, burned carriages!" exclaimed the chef "They are being cleaned off the road! And with the forest and the Al Kharid Gate being so close to the road it is impossible to get the milk cart through!"
Dominic asked, "I am on my way out, would you mind if I got the milk for you, along with the rest of the ingredients?"
"Would you please?" offers the chef. He then explained "It is the Dukes Birthday tomorrow and I need all the ingredients for his cake! You will need milk, an egg, and flour. You can find milk in the cow fields past the eastern bridge, then north from there, past the burned carriages. The chicken coop is also in that direction by the farmer's house, just across the road from the cow fields. And finally the flour can be obtained by placing some wheat in the hopper, on the third floor of the windmill, then operating the hopper. You will find the flour on the first floor. The windmill is located in the Lumbridge Farmlands, and there should be plenty of wheat in the field next to the windmill."
"Alright," Dominic assured, "I will be back within a few hours with all the ingredients."

The fresh air, in the morning, felt good against Dominic's face, as he entered the courtyard in front of the castle. The smell of the sun shining through the clouds on a recently rained road was refreshing! Blocked certainly was the road across the eastern bridge, so Dominic went through the woods, to avoid the detouring wreckage. The high trees and the shadowy forest floor were peaceful, and through the forest was a short walk. Dominic saw an abandoned house that was obviously turned into a goblin's hideout. He saw a sign, reading something in the goblin language. Soon after emerging from the forest, Dominic took a look at the fields the chef had described earlier. They were just as the chef had described, and the chicken coop was indeed across the road from the fields.
There were many cows in the field, yet no bucket to milk the cow with. Dominic decided to try the chicken coop first. Angry chickens bucked at each other, and made a mess of everything. Tried, Dominic did to take one egg, but the angry chickens pecked at Dominic as he attempted. He placed his shield above his head to protect himself. He was nearly outside the gate, when a voice beckoned him back. "Are you looking for an egg?"
"Yes please," Replied Dominic. "But, I can't grab one with the chickens there." Dominic looked over at the coop. A chicken looked back at him, turned his head towards the sky, and kicked some dirt at Dominic.
The farmer laughed "That chicken really doesn't like you. Here, I will go get one for you." After disappearing into the house, the farmer returned with an egg, and handed it to Dominic.
"Thank you," Dominic gratefully accepted. "Do you have any buckets I could use?" asked Dominic, "I could not find any in the cow fields, to milk the cows. I only need but one bucket. Could you spare one?"
"Sure, go ahead! I got enough buckets to empty the lady's lake!" chuckled the farmer. "There is a pile of them over there. Take one, if you need it." Dominic thanked the farmer once again, took a bucket, and then went on his way to the cow fields.

With a bucket in hand, Dominic crossed the road, and entered the cow fields. The field wasn't very large, and only held so many cows. Some people were milking cows themselves, while others were gutting the cows for food, and cow hides. Dominic had been taught many things on the island he spent his first weeks in this world, but they never expressed any skills of milking. Staring at what seemed to be a cow, Dominic walked closer to it, being ever careful. He bent down and placed the bucket underneath the cow. Heard of milking cows, Dominic had, and he also knew where the milk was supposed to empty from, but Dominic could not find them. A man approached Dominic from behind, so Dominic had not realized his presence. "Are you going to milk that animal?" asked the man, startling Dominic.
"I was, but I cannot find where the milk comes out," sighed Dominic.
"Well it's no wonder you can't find the udders, that's no cow, it's a bull," cried the man in laughter. "Let me have your bucket there, and I will find you a cow to milk." Dominic handed over the bucket, and followed the man. The man milked a cow for Dominic, and handed the bucket to him. "Take the bucket now, and remember. A cow has udders, and a bull has horns. If you remember that, you will always be able to tell the difference."
"Thank you, much," expressed Dominic. "I have to go back to Lumbridge, from where I came." Down the road, Dominic traveled going back through the forest, evading the wreckage.

After milking the cows, Dominic decided to drop off the ingredients to the chef in Lumbridge, before he went for the flour. "Oh happy day!" exclaimed the chef when he saw the ingredients. "I never thought they would be here so soon."
"It's the least I can do after that great meal you served last night." stated Dominic. "I'll be going now. I want to get that wheat before lunch time." Dominic walked along the road past the Lumbridge fields. First he saw the Lumbridge Furnace, and then some sheep in a field. He continued and saw a few stray goblins. He had intensions of making sure they weren't up to something, but when he saw two of them sitting at a small pond day dreaming he turned away. From turning his attention away from the goblins, he found himself in front of the windmill. The windmill was enormous! Dominic stood there, in awe, in front of giant structure. He looked around for a wheat field to pick some wheat. He found some wheat in a small field just west of the windmill. As he grabbed some wheat from the field he noticed a large castle looking structure amidst the fog. "Is that Draynor Manor?" Dominic thought to himself. He examined the manor as closely as he could from the distance he was at. As he was staring at the manor, he saw a young woman. She looked very unhappy, so Dominic decided to see if he could help.

Chapter three: Professor Oddenstien's invention

"Hello? Are you alright?" greeted Dominic. The woman looked worriedly at the manor, and then turned in fright.
"Oh, thank Saradomin someone finally came," replied the young woman. "A professor came out of that spooky house and asked my fiancé, Ernest, if he would help him with his invention. Ernest agreed as long as the professor gave us directions through the fog when he was done."
"Would you like me to find him for you? You seem like you are about to faint!" asked Dominic courteously.
"Could you please? I am very worried about Ernest! He has been in there for quite awhile, and that manor looks very scary, almost like a haunted house." The woman said with fatigue in her voice.
"I will find him for you, do not worry," assured Dominic. "Who should I say is looking for him?"
"My name is Veronica." she replied. Dominic nodded as he walked in the manor doorway. He continued through a door. Old rusty stairs and a hallway were what he saw, when he entered the manor. SLAM! Went the door behind him. Dominic turned in fright and tried to open the door again, but it was sealed from the outside! He decided to take a look around, and try to find Ernest!

Dominic pointed to the staircase, and then the hall to the left of it. He continued to alternate whispering, "Eeny meeny miny moe, which way should I go?" Dominic's finger was pointed at the staircase when he stopped "Looks like I'll be going upstairs!" Cautiously Dominic tip-toed his way, up the stairs! "Ahh!" Dominic cried! A fearsome ghost had slashed him across the chest! Dominic quickly drew his sword, and slashed away at the ghoul! Left and right Dominic swung his sword, but to no avail. His sword had no effect on creatures that did not have any solid! Keeping a sharp eye out, Dominic spotted another coming through the wall. He quickly grabbed a torch from the wall and stabbed the ghost! Horrid screeching nearly drove him deaf! As the ghost backed away, burning, he attacked the next one. "What the?!" Dominic glanced across at the balcony. Another screech pierced the air, as a ghost flew out of a fish food can from the balcony at him! The ghost was surprised, by Dominic's fast reactions! He jumped backwards and threw his arm out to hit the flying ghost with the torch. The last ghost looked at the burning comrades and flew high into the ceiling!
"Hey!" came a voice from the level above. "Get out of here you rat-toad!" "Please can I leave now?" "Not yet... hey I said leave! No don't touch that!" "Hey what's happening to... me...cluck!" Dominic looked at the ceiling and followed it around looking for a way up.
"There!" shouted Dominic. He saw a rope hanging down from the ceiling! When he pulled it a ladder flew down out of the ceiling above. More ghosts had begun to get closer and closer to Dominic. "Whoa!" yelled Dominic as a hand grabbed him and pulled him up.
"Shh..." hushed a man, holding onto Dominic's mouth. "Stay quiet..." The scream of ghosts began to fade as they returned to the depths of the manor. The man was wearing a white suit and had a tool belt around his waist. He let go of Dominic slowly.
"Well, what are you doing snooping around here?" questioned the man. "I am Professor Oddenstien, the master genius inventor. Who are you?"
"I am Dominic" he replied. "I am here to find someone named Ernest. His bride-to-be has been waiting outside the manor for quite some time."
"Ah, yes. The lovely Veronica." Said the satisfied professor. Oddenstien began to walk away from the ladder and turn right, into a room full of machinery. Dominic followed. "Ernest was telling me all about her, when he was helping me work. I saw her standing outside when Ernest came and asked for directions"
"Do you know where Ernest is right now?" urged Dominic.
"I do, he is here in this room." explained Oddenstien "He is that chicken over there."
"A chicken?!" exclaimed Dominic. "Why is he a chicken?"
"You see, when you were fighting those ghosts downstairs, one ghost flew up here, startled by something. He was flying about in circles, when he hit that big red button over there. That button leads to a machine that is supposed to transform biological beings into other different Biological beings. Young Ernest was in the way when the button was hit."
"Can't you turn him back into a human?" Dominic sounded eager in his questioning.
"That is the one problem," the professor began, "the ghost took three vital parts to the machine. I can not retrieve them, though. I have lived here for many years and the ghosts have begun to hate my presence. Could you please retrieve the parts for me?"
"I will, as long as you return Ernest to his original form, and then allow him to leave." Demanded Dominic
"Agreed" The professor wrote down on a notepad, 3 parts that were needed then scribbled a bit...<p align="left">

Oil Can
Rubber Tubing
Pressure Gauge

"These are the three parts," the professor explained. "I have drawn sketches so that you know what they look like." The professor pointed to some sketches. "Good luck!" The professor handed Dominic the piece of note paper. Dominic took the paper and climbed down to the second floor.

Finding the Machine Parts

"Where did all the ghosts go?" wondered Dominic. "Maybe they needed to rest after fighting." Dominic continued looking around for some sort of clue. "The fish food! That may be helpful." Dominic placed the fish food in his inventory and continued downstairs. He saw the door that closed shut behind him, from before, and tried it again. The door didn't budge at all. Cracked walls and giant spider webs surrounded Dominic as he looked around for a part. One crack in the wall had something moving behind it. Walking closer, Dominic began to hear the rattle of bones. He looked through the crack and saw some rubber tubing. "That must be it!" He continued looking through, trying to find a way in to that room. "Whoa!" Dominic jumped back! There was the face of a skeleton peering down at Dominic through the hole. "Don't want to go in there anytime soon!" Dominic pointed out. Green smoke was floating above Dominic's head near the ceiling "Green smoke? Are there witches here too?" wondered Dominic to himself. There was an open doorway with the green smoke creeping in near the top of the door. "Let's see what we can find in here." Dominic followed the trail of green smoke. He entered a room, that looked to be an old kitchen. There was a witch, grabbing vials off of a shelf and throwing them into a large cauldron. His eyes wandered about until they met a green bottle labeled with skull and crossbones across the room from him in a closet. "Poison!" whispered Dominic. "It could come in handy, you never know." Dominic dashed towards the poison. The witch stopped and turned around. She had not seen Dominic, nor figured a human would come into the manor. Dominic jumped and rolled back to the kitchen entrance, but this time he was caught! The witch was holding up a wand making Dominic float.
"Well now, what do we have here?" the witch asked in a high pitched voice. "Looks like and extra meal for tonight's dinner!" With his hand on his sword, ready to attack, the witch came closer to get a better look at his build and how much meat he had on him. Dominic hit the witch in the face with his shield, and then cut off the witch's hand! The witch screamed! Dominic could hardly bare it. He closed one ear with the left hand, wielding the shield, and held his sword with his right. He walked up to the witch, who was on the ground in pain, and cut off her head, she then disappeared into thin air.

Dominic turned back the other way he came. He passed the staircase leading upstairs and continued don the hallway into a back room. "A staircase!" he exclaimed turning to his right, entering a small room where the hallway ended. The staircase led down from the other side of the room. Dominic walked slowly, not making a sound. Peeking down the staircase, Dominic saw an old looking man sitting on a coffin. The man had his elbows on his knees and was holding his face. Dominic stood there for awhile longer, to see what was wrong. CREAK, went the staircase, as Dominic took a step down. The old man glared up at him! His eyes were bright blue, but the soon changed to a dark red! The man gave a cry. The startled Dominic backed away keeping his distance. Dominic bolted back the way he came. SLAM went Dominic against plain air. Dominic tried again, but he couldn't. "It is an invisible wall," Dominic turned back. The old man was at the top of the stairs by now. Dominic quickly ran into a doorway and slammed the door shut! THUD, THUD, The man was hitting the door from the other side. The plank, Dominic had placed on the door, held the door shut, but would not last long. The only escape was into a foggy backyard with dead trees. Cautiously, Dominic stepped outside.

Sir Christian!

The thick, low fog made the ground hard to see. "What was that?!" Dominic thought. He had felt something against his foot. The smell of rotten trash filled the air, Dominic could see his breath, and the trees seemed to be moving voluntarily. Rustling trees made Dominic draw his sword. "Must have just been the wind," Dominic assured himself. "...but wait, there is no wind." A large branch swung at Dominic, but he managed to slice it before it did any harm. Suddenly all the trees began to creak. The vines and roots on the ground thrust at Dominic legs. Dominic found himself upside down, hung by the foot. Dominic swung his sword at the vines that he was hung by, but for every vine he cut, two more bound him even tighter. He was soon covered in the vines that held him above the ground. He just stayed there, calm, content. He closed his eyes and listened. Abruptly, Dominic's legs had been freed and he hit dirt. Looking up, Dominic saw a knight slashing away at the trees with a large sword. Quickly Dominic got up, and helped his rescuer. The knight, dressed in full armor, cut his way through the thick vines that enclosed upon him. It was no use! The vines were about to conceal the knight, when Dominic ran towards, to help. The vines squeezed the knight nearly to death, and crushed, was the armor. The knight got up, and took off his battered armor, while Dominic fended off the branches and vines.
"Hello, friend," said the knight, breathing hard, holding his weapon ready.
"Let's save the introductions for later," pointed Dominic.
"Yes," agreed the knight. Tree branches swung at the two. Dominic ducked, while the knight jumped over. Nowhere had Dominic seen someone jump so high. Up to the treetops, the knights swiftly jumped. The tree he was on froze still, as the large sword ran through the trunk of the tree. There was an eye, carved like stone. "Look out, friend!" cried the knight. Dominic looked back; a vine came to lash him on the back. Dominic put up his sword to defend himself. The vine grasped the sword and tugged. Dominic kept a full grip, threw his shield down, and grabbed the sword with both hands. The knight quickly jumped down and snatched the shield before another vine wrapped itself around it. The knight slashed the vine and caused Dominic to fall to the ground. The knight jumped and slashed across another trunk. Once again an eye appeared. Dominic looked closely at the trees to see what the knight was hitting.
"Aha!" Dominic had found what looked to be a wooden eye on a tree, disguised as a knot in the wood. Dominic charged the last tree, but was attacked. He jumped over the first, low, branch, and then cut a second. He climbed up the tree, jumping from branch to branch, staying close to the tree trunk, ensuring the least amount of danger. A swift slice and stab at the trunk froze the tree dead. Dominic fell back to the ground, from the top of the tree, and the knight walked up to him.
"Thank you, friend," greeted the knight, showing gratitude.
"The thanks are mine to give," explained Dominic. "If you had not saved me the first time, we would not have won."
"But won we have not. The trees will soon animate again," claimed the knight worriedly. "Follow me to a safer place."

The two of them hurried away then slowed to a walking pace. "My name is Sir Christian, of the White Knights. I was a squire, not long ago, but I soon became a knight, following in my brother's footsteps." Dominic listened as Christian explained himself. "My brother was sent on a quest one day. He was told to kill a vampire named Count Draynor."
"Where is your brother now?" Dominic requested interrupting Christian's words..
"That is why I am here." explained Christian. "Before I was dubbed a White Knight, I had heard that my brother had not returned from his quest," Christian brought his sword to chest level. "This sword is all that was found. It belonged to my brother. I am here to find him, and destroy Count Draynor."
"Interesting," began Dominic, "I came here on a quest as well. And since you helped me, I will help you." Dominic stopped. He was looking over at a compost pile. The moonlight shown on the pile of moist soil. At first Christian saw nothing.
"What do you see?" asked Christian.
"There is something shining in the compost pile over there." Dominic began towards the pile. In it he found a key.
"What is it?" Christian asked.
"It is a key." Dominic replied. "It must go to something here, in the manor."
"Come, let us go." Christian urged. "It is unlucky to stand in one spot for too long in the haunted manor grounds."
"We need to get back into the manor." Dominic told Christian. "I am to find three parts for an inventor named Oddenstien. Have you seen these parts anywhere?" Dominic handed Christian the notepaper.
"I have seen this one, here." Christian pointed to the pressure gauge. "I was looking at the fountain, when I saw some fish jumping in and out of the water. When I looked in the fountain I saw the item, but with the piranhas, there is little hope you will retrieve the part. We would need to kill them first!"
"Hmm..." Dominic thought to himself a bit. "Take me to it. I may be able to get it out."

Christian led Dominic to the fountain near the front yard. Indeed there were Piranhas swimming among the pressure gauge. Dominic poured some poison, he had grabbed form the witch's kitchen, in the fish food and shook it up. "What are you doing?" asked Christian.
Dominic explained, "You said we would need to kill them. So I am killing them." Dominic poured the poisoned fish food into the fountain. The flow of water quickly spread the poison, and soon fish were floating to the top of the water, dead. "Now where is that pressure gauge?"
"There it is!" Christian said, pointing to a blurry image inside the water. Christian grabbed the pressure gauge, from inside the fountain and handed it to Dominic.
"Thank you, but we must be going now." Dominic put on a serious face. "I will check up on Veronica, and..."
"Veronica?" questioned Christian. "Who is she?"
"It is a long story; she is waiting for me to bring her fiancé out of the manor. I will go check on her, and then meet you inside the manor. Stay close to the front door." Sir Christian nodded in agreement. They then went their separate ways, Christian to the manor door, and Dominic to the manor gates.

Christian opened the front door, as Dominic had before. Just the same, the door slammed behind him. Christian heard rattling. He walked towards the noise, and ended up at a door. It was locked! "The key!" exclaimed Christian. "The key must go here."
Dominic came running into the manor, opening the door as it shut behind him. Christian looked at him and then at the door. Dominic looked back at the door as well and thought nothing of it, anymore. "Well, did you find anything?"
"I did. The key you have goes here, but listen." Christian paused a second "There is a rattling noise coming through the door." Dominic followed the wall, right of the door. He came up to the same crack he had found the rubber tubing in.
"No wait!" Dominic pulled Christian's hand away from the door. "There is a skeleton in there. We will come back later."
Christian agreed, "Then we shall find the last part first." He looked at the paper again. "The last part must be in the west basement. Let's go there."
Dominic agreed saying, "Yes, for I believe that is the only place I have not been to."

They entered the hallway that Dominic had been to before. It led to the witch's kitchen and past it to a room with a ladder leading down. Christian climbed down first, followed by Dominic. The basement was dark. An eerie feeling ran down Christian's back. "Brother!" he exclaimed at the sight of his lost brother! "Thank goodness you are here." Christian ran up and hugged his brother.
"Who are you talking to?" asked Dominic.
"My brother, can't you see..." Christian paused and listened. Tears began to run down his cheeks. "Okay, I will be back here, soon, Dominic." Christian walked over to the wall and pulled a lever, then to the other wall and pulled one more. He then entered a door, which slammed shut behind him.
"But wait..." Dominic tried to stop him, but Christian had already entered the other room.

Minutes passed, as Dominic waited. There were three doors in the room. Dominic tried opening all three, but none would budge. More time passed and Dominic grew hungry and bored. He had no food to eat, so he sat there against the wall underneath one of the levers. He moved around trying to get comfortable, witting in the strangest ways. First he tried to extend his feet towards the ceiling against the wall, and lay his back against the floor. He tried many other, and even hung like a monkey from the ladder cross bars for entertainment.

Christian walked out of a different door from which he had entered before. He stared at Dominic with one eyebrow up. The ladder crossbar on which Dominic was hanging from broke and fell Dominic to the ground. Christian swung his head back and forth laughing to himself a bit, he then whispered, "Come." Christian opened the last door and showed Dominic what was inside. "Here is the last part. The doors will only unlock if you get the right combination of levers. My brother has spent the last month here. He has discovered the combination."
"Where is your brother?" asked Dominic.
Christian looked back at a wall and smiled, "He is here. But he will soon depart for the other world. He now knows that Count Draynor will fall!" Christian stood there, waiting for Dominic to grab the last part. "Let us now go. We will retrieve the tubing then get Oddenstien's machine working again."

When they reached the locked door, they both pulled out their weapons. "Ready?" asked Dominic.
"Whenever you are," Christian opened the door and prepared for a fight!
"The skeleton... it's gone." Dominic looked around again. "I guess we won't be needing these anymore, eh Chris?" Dominic said, as he put away his sword. "Chris?" Dominic looked at Christian.
"I understand, brother." Christian was looking up at the ceiling. "My brother was once friends to the skeleton. He asked it not to attack us. Let's hurry and return the parts to Oddenstien." Dominic looked around in confusion as Christian began for the door. He spotted a pile of bones and a skull on the ground. He stared at it and enclosed upon it. It rattled a bit, frightening Dominic. Dominic smiled then hurried after Christian.

Both of them ran up the staircase, Christian before Dominic. Dominic caught up and the led Christian up the attic ladder. Dominic showed Oddenstien the parts. "Ah... You have returned. Thank you so much" Oddenstien quickly went to work, and sooner than not, Ernest was no longer a chicken, but a man.
"Thank you!" exclaimed Ernest "It was not pleasant being a chicken."
"Hurry, now" Oddenstien pushed Ernest out the door. "I believe you have someone waiting for you outside." Turning towards Christian and Dominic, Oddenstien said, "Thank you. Here is a cash reward for your help." Dominic received 1200GP, and offered half to Christian, but, He refused it.

Dominic accepted the money with gratitude. "Thank you, Oddenstien, but we must go now, and defeat Count Draynor."

Chapter four: A Vampire's Immortality

"How hard do you think it will be to defeat Count Draynor?" asked Dominic, taking the first step down from the second floor.
"I don't know" Christian looked down. "I don't believe we can defeat him alone."
"What do you mean?" asked a confused Dominic.
"Well, my brother was the best white knight that ever lived, and he couldn't defeat Count Draynor." Dominic looked down in doubt. "But, I do know someone who can help us. Her name is Kimberly." Christian looked at Dominic with a smile. "C'mon, let's go. Her house is in Falador, past Draynor Village and Port Sarim." Christian ran down the staircase and ran towards the door, hitting it with a thud.
Dominic followed down the stairway, calmly. "Ha-ha! Did you forget already? You can only enter the door, not exit. We need to go through the back." Dominic helped Christian to his feet. As they marched down the hallway past the closet with the skeleton, and down the hallway Dominic had been down before. Christian froze, and pulled out his two-handed sword. "What's wrong?" Dominic asked.
"He's here." Christian began. "He is just around that corner." Dominic quickly pulled out his sword. While grabbing his shield from his back, Christian whispered, "When we go around that corner, Count Draynor will be waiting there. We must fight him, there is no other way out." With his sword and shield in hand, Dominic readied for battle. Both warriors steadily walked around the corner, ready for anything. As they slowed around the corner, they both got their first real look at The Count of Draynor. His face was covered in blood and his skin was torn in many places. There was piercing of a sword in his stomach. The count looked down from the railing he was floating above and spotted Christian's sword. With wide eyes the demon stared at the sword in amazement, remembering the sword from just months before. After returning to reality the vampire's eyes glowed red again, and charged at Christian.
Dominic leaped back from the approaching foe yelling "Watch out!". Choking, Christian stood there hands on the arms of his holder. Dominic lunged at Count Draynor and stabbed him through the side! Pierced and ran through with a sword Draynor turned his head at Dominic, and grinned. Fear filled Dominic's heart as he pulled his sword out of the count's side. Count Draynor dropped Christian and took a step in Dominic's direction. Every step the count made, Dominic stepped back. Heart pounding and a white face, Dominic stood, cornered by Count Draynor. Christian caught his breath, held his neck and looked up. Grabbing the railing to help himself up, Christian picked up his sword again, but stopped.
"The railing," Christian thought, looking down at his hand, grasping the rail. Without hesitation Christian broke the railing and grabbed a piece and threw it at his friend's approaching enemy. Veins showing, Draynor backed away from Dominic piercing the air with a terrible scream. As the vampire fell to the ground, Christian appeared by the railing with his arm stretched out at Dominic, still frozen from tire. "Quickly, we must leave! A wooden stake can kill a vampire, if it hits their heart. Something I did not do." They tried to open the door to the back exit, but it was barred with the plank Dominic had put there before. "We don't have time for this..." stated Christian, as Dominic rammed the door trying to open it. "Stand back," Christian warned, holding his arm in front of Dominic. He then slices through the door and both ran in the shed and out the back door which lead to the trees that Dominic had encountered before. Vines once again flew at the team. Swords swung back and forth as they ran as fast as they could. Dominic looked to his side, but Christian was not there. Looking back, Dominic saw Christian wrapped by the leg.
"Stay still!" Running up Dominic cut the vine that swathed Christian. "Hurry, or they will get us both!" Finally, after cutting their way through Dominic and Christian stopped at the Manor gates, past the compost pile and fountain of dead piranhas.
"Look," Christian said with a tired smile. Ernest and Veronica, holding hands, kissed then romantically walked away into the distance. "How did Ernest get out, without being attacked?"
"I don't know," answered Dominic "But at least he got out."
"And so did we," Christian added. "We really did." Christian looked contently at the manor, and thought to himself. "Thank you, brother. Do not worry, I will avenge you."

Lady Kimberly

Later that night Dominic and Christian stood at the front door of Kimberly's house. A man answered the door and grunted, "Get out of here, we don't take customer's past 8:00!"
Christian spoke up, "You wouldn't turn down a fellow by the name of Sir Christian, would you?"
"Chris, is that you, little Christ? Holy Saradomin you have grown," The man backed inside opening the door wide. "Come in, Come in. Make yourself at home." Christian pointed at a wooden chair, suggesting that Dominic sat down, but with the shake of a head, Dominic declined. "What can I do for you fellows?" The man asked sitting down.
"Do you know where Kimberly is?" Christian asked. "I need her help."
"I am sorry, but Kimberly is not here," the man replied. "Ever since she became a lady of the White Knights she's never around." The man sat back and thought about better times. "You could probably find her in the White Knight's Castle. She is usually found helping out around the place."
"Thank you," Christian rose and began to leave. Dominic followed, staying quiet. When the two of them closed the door behind them, Christian told Dominic, "We cannot visit her tonight, it is too late. Everyone in the White Knight's Castle is asleep, save the guards. Come, we shall rest in my quarters tonight. In the morning, we will visit her."

The two traveled south down the road in the dark, past the town pub, a city water fountain and a furnace house. They approached a moat surrounding a castle that had only just appeared out of the darkness. "Stop! Who goes there?" came a voice. Dominic and Christian looked up from the other side of the moat of the Faladian Castle.
"It is I, Sir Christian" shouted Christian from below. "Will you let us in?"
"Christian?! Your back!" The man above the castle wall disappeared. "Open the gate!" he shouted. The sound of chains and gears were heard as a large draw bridge was lowered before them. Dominic and Christian entered the castle courtyard, through the gates. "Chris! How have you been?" the man from the castle gate exclaimed standing above them.
"Nathan!" Christian shouted back. Nathan ran down to them, as Christian shouted again, "Is Kimberly here?"
"She is, but she is asleep." Nathan was before the two now. "Is there anything I can do for you? And who is this?"
"This is Dominic. I met him in Draynor Manor while searching for my brother." Dominic and Nathan exchanged their hellos.
"Did you find your brother?" questioned Nathan. Christian looked at the ground with a sad face. "Oh, I am sorry for your loss. Allow my squire to get your quarters ready." Nathan looked back and whistled. A young boy came running from atop the castle wall. "I will have him put some extra blankets in there for your friend, Dominic."
"Thank you," Christian looked away for a moment. "We will eat some supper in the food court before we retire. That should give your squire some time to get done. Nathan agreed then sent the lad away.
"I must get back to my patrol, Christian," exited Nathan. "I will see you in the morning."

Christian led Dominic into the food court and the both ate a hardy meal. Dominic sat back in his chair and held his stomach with both hands. "Oh boy," moaned Dominic after filling his belly. "I think it's time to sleep on this."
Christian laughed and agreed, finishing his own meal "Come then, I will show you my quarters."
Dominic entered Christian's quarters, followed by Christian who opened the door for his guest. Christian laid out some blankets on the floor for Dominic to sleep on, while Dominic put their weapons away. "You better get plenty of rest, Dominic. We have an early get up tomorrow."
"Yes, we do," agreed Dominic. "Can this Kimberly really help us? I mean Count Draynor didn't even feel my sword go through his side."
"I said she could help us," replied Christian. "I never said she could help us fight." Christian laid his head down and fell asleep. Dominic then laid his own head down and closed his eyes.
In the morning he awoke with the sun bright in his face. "Good morning sunshine, would you like to accompany me to some tea at Kimberly's quarters?" welcomed Christian, sitting on his bed.

Chapter five: To Kill a Vampire

KNOCK KNOCK. Christian thumps on Kimberly's door, excitedly. Wiping his sleepy eyes, Dominic looked out at the sunrise, through the window at the end of the hallway. "One moment!" Kimberly shouted from behind the door. Footsteps came close and the door was opened as Kimberly looked at Christian in shock and disbelief.
"Hello Kimberly," greeted Christian with a happy smile. "Can we come in?" Kimberly opened the door wide to let the two in.
"I'm sorry, come in, please," said Kimberly coming back to reality.
"This is my friend Dominic. He is here to help me kill Count Draynor." Christian and Dominic sat down at the table with Kimberly. "I have come here to ask for your help as well."
"Kimberly asked, pouring each of them a cup of tea. "What do you mean? How could I help?"
"You are an expert on demon slaying and magic. Are you any good at Vampire slaying?"
"Yes, I have read many books on how to kill a vampire," announced Kimberly, proudly. "Most books say that simply wood will kill one, other say that water to his eyes will melt his insides. I have devised a much different way of killing one." Kimberly began to explain, "First off, to keep a vampire from attacking you, keep some garlic with you, they can't stand it. Secondly, regular swords and other weapons cannot kill a vampire alone. You must first weaken him, when his eyes glow white he is vulnerable. Stab a wooden stake into his heart and push it through, until it comes out his back."
"Great!" exclaimed Christian. "Do you have these materials with you?"
"That would be a problem. Garlic is hard to come by these days, and an ordinary wooden stake will not work." Kimberly glanced at Dominic, then back at Christian. "You need a sharpened stake, one that can penetrate his rib cage. You will also need a sludge hammer to pound the stake though his heart." Kimberly pulled open a book full of sketches and notes amongst the piles of papers. "This is what they look like." Pointing at a group of sketches, Kimberly looked up to make sure Christian and Dominic were paying attention. "A regular blacksmith won't make you one of these hammers. You will only find someone able to make them in the Jolly Boar Inn, north-east of Varrok. His name is Dr. Harlow, and he also sells demon slaying equipment like the stake and garlic. Anything else you need?"
"Thank you, Kimberly, but we must be going now." Christian stood up, followed by Dominic. "We have to leave immediately, for the Jolly Boar Inn."
"Oh, please, let me get that for you," Kimberly walked up to the door and opened it for Christian and Dominic.
"Thank you, ma'am," nodded Dominic. Dominic entered the hall way, and Christian soon did the same.
"I hope to see you soon," said Christian leaving.
"Yes, soon," Kimberly shut the door and whispered, "Very soon." Kneeling down in front of the wall, Kimberly pulled open a few loose stones revealing a bag, full of an archer's weapons, and a purse full of runes!

Down in the food court Christian and Dominic sat down to eat breakfast. "So where do you know Kimberly from?" Dominic broke the silence "Old friend?"
Christian chuckled, "Very old friend, we have known each other since we were four years old. She lived nearby my house. We met at Sunday Church." Christian rested on the back of his chair. "Neither of us liked waiting in church for an hour, for we had no reason to stay there at so young of an age. Our mother's always had us wait with my mother's non-believing friend."
"Why was she staring at you when we were there?" Dominic asked.
"Well, I really don't know, but it is probably because she has not seen me in a little over 7 years. When I was twelve, I became a squire for my brother, and at age fourteen, I went with him in the battle against the Black Knights as his squire. There was an evil knight who could control the very minds of people, and make them into mindless evil beings. Hundreds of white knights were slaughtered, by him alone. Everyone called him Iban..." Looking down, Christian's smile became a frown. "My brother, though, found a weakness to Iban. Iban's trainer and father figure, Darkquarius, lead a raid against the White Knights. My brother captured Darkquarius and used him as bait to trap Iban. In the end Iban was killed, but somehow Darkquarius got away. From then on, I and my brother went on quests to other kingdoms and lands. When my brother was chosen to take on Count Draynor, I took his place temporarily as a White Knight. Since my brother never returned, I still hold his position."
Dominic looked at the food Christian was eating, then back at his own. "Are you going to eat your food? I'm already done and you have hardly touched yours."
"Ah, I am not hungry, anyway," Christian stood up, "Let's go, we must get our new weapons from the armory."
"New weapons?" Dominic looked up with a confused face. "We get new weapons?"
"Yes, we get new weapons," Christian confirmed.

"What kind of weapons would you boys like?" asked the armory blacksmith, leaning against a wall.
"White Knight's armor and I will keep my brother's two-hander." Christian hinted.
"And you? Mister..." the blacksmith paused questioningly.
"Dominic," he answered. "I have never used any armor before, only a long sword and a square shield. I don't like having anything to weigh me down."
"Well, I can get you this," the blacksmith showed Dominic a chain mail, and leg armor. "These are as light as armor comes. Take them, please, I couldn't send you off without any armor."
Dominic sighed, "Okay."
"Come with me" signaling to come with him, the blacksmith walked down the hallway of armor. "Here you are, Chris." Christian began putting his armor on. "Oh, wait. Let my boys do that." The blacksmith whistled. Five boys came running into the hallway. "Help Christian, while I take care of Dominic here." Turning away from the boys, the blacksmith glared at Dominic. "Come with me, I got something for you." Dominic glanced at Christian. Christian nodded back, and Dominic followed the blacksmith. "Here we are. This is your chain mail. It covers your chest and gut." Dominic put on the chain mail, as the blacksmith pulled out some leg armor. "And these are you legs armor. Now what we got here is a new kind of metal. The dwarves in the Dwarven Mines found a blue ore, called Mithril. They soon began to mix it with coal and some other small things. What they got out of it was this allow. I swear it is the lightest thing in the world, and can cut any sword's blade without effort. Unfortunately, the dwarves have only made swords with it, and no armor." When the blacksmith was done, he grabbed a sword from the rack, held it by the blade carefully with the handle facing Dominic.
"Wow," Dominic was left in awe staring at the sword. The sword mirrored the torch on the wall, and then as he turned the sword, he could see his own face. "Amazing, I can lift this sword with hardly a finger!"
"It is less that one lb. A standard sword with that size would usually be about seven!" the blacksmith's staring smile was on the sword. "Oh and here is your shield. It is a bit heavier than a square shield, but it also gives more protection."
"Ah, a Mithril sword, have the dwarves made any armor out of the metal yet?" Christian walked over to where Dominic was.
"No, the little runts haven't. And they won't let us use the metal to make things our self," grunted the blacksmith.
"All in good time, my friend," Christian put his hand on the blacksmith's shoulder. "Come Dominic, we must hurry to find Bo, in the Jolly Boar Inn."

Near the gate, Nathan met Dominic and Christian just as they were leaving. "Where are you going?" asked Nathan.
Christian stopped and turned around, "We travel to the Jolly Boar Inn, to get tools to kill Count Draynor."
"Ah, so you are leaving. Will it be just the two of you?" questioned Nathan.
Dominic nodded, "Yes, we had only planned for us to go."
"Well, you might have some trouble keeping your plans. I suggest you leave as soon as possible before its too late." Nathan yelled to the guards atop of the gate, "Open the gate, for Christian!" A wave confirmed the message, and the gate slowly opened.
"Colpo del vento," The gate, that was opening, now was now slammed shut. "You didn't think you could go adventuring without me did you?" Christian, Dominic, and Nathan all looked back.

A New Party Member

"No Kim," Christian swiped his arm, once, from left to right, hinting a negative response. "I won't allow you to come, it's too dangerous!"
"I have slain demons and monsters before! I can do it again!" Kimberly shouted at Christian. "I can use magic better than the both of you and I am the best with a bow in all the White Knights!"
"Why can't she come, Chris?" Dominic asked. "She seems prepared, and we need all the help we can get."
"I don't know..." Christian looked down in thought. "I don't want her to get hurt. If she dies, I will never forgive myself!" Looking up, Christian faced Kimberly, "Do you realize that you may and most likely will die against Count Draynor."
"Yes, I do." Kimberly answered seriously. "I will fight at your side till death!"
"Then let us go, we shouldn't be waiting here while Count Draynor lives," Christian turned around, and walked towards the gate.
"Open the gate!" Nathan called "Hurry, they must be off."
"Goodbye, Nathan, I will return victorious!" claimed Christian. Dominic, Christian, and Kimberly then walked out the castle walls and headed for the gates of Falador.

Upon reaching the gates, the group saw two guards posted at the gate, drinking, and enjoying themselves. "You there, what do you think you are doing?!" Kimberly shouted. "Get up! You are here to stand guard, not to drink and chat amongst yourselves!"
The two guards replied worriedly, "Y-yes, Lady Kimberly."
Dominic leaned over towards Kimberly and whispered, "Can you really do that?"
"No," laughed Kimberly, "But I love seeing their faces when I do!" Looking back, Christian glared at Kimberly.
"This city is to be taken seriously, Kim" Kimberly frowned a little. "But there are always times for fun!" surprised Christian laughing. "I love seeing your face, when I do that!" Kimberly looked up and pushed Christian to the ground and ran ahead. Christian followed chasing after her.
"Why do they do that?" wondered Dominic, holding his head back against his hands, walking, while Christian and Kimberly ran around. "C'mon ladies, lets go! I don't want to make this my life's journey." Kimberly laughed, pointing at Christian, and walking backwards, as Christian got up and ran, tackling Dominic. The three had been walking sometime, along the ridge of Ice Mountain. When Christian and Dominic got up they saw a village up ahead.
They approached the village and Christian smiled, "Here is Barbarian Village, the halfway point to Varrok. We better hurry through the village. Barbarians don't like visitors."

Dominic looked around while following Christian and Kimberly. As they reached the other side of the village, Dominic saw a fast running river, with many fishermen casting their fly fishing rods. Also, miners were chipping coal from large rocks embedded in the ground. "Look, Christian," Kimberly pointed forward at the sky a little. "That's Varrok's castle. Just beyond there is the Jolly Boar Inn."
"Sure is," sighed Christian with a smile. "Let's not go to far north, though. If we go too far, then we will enter the unclaimed land, known as the wilderness. The Jolly Boar Inn borders the wilderness, so we must be careful."

Dominic, Christian, and Kimberly continued on, passing two houses, one on either side of them. The house on the left appeared to be the dwelling of a rich man, and a young woman walked on the balcony in dreamful thought. When she reached the railing she shouted, "Romeo! Where art thou Romeo?" The house on the left was quite different. Its walls were old and beaten, and two small children in rag clothing ran around the house, chasing a cat. Just beyond these houses was the City of Varrok. As the three entered the massive city, men were calling out selling items from inside a bank, to the party's left. And on the right, some metal workers were hammering some bars into armor at the anvil house. Just beyond the anvil house, on the left, was a building, not yet complete. A sign read...

Zaff's Staff Shop Opening Soon!

"Oh, look, Chris!" Kimberly jumped up. "It's a magic staff shop. We need to go there the next time we are in Varrok."
"We shall, Kim, but we need to focus on getting to the inn." Christian led the way, east. A yelling crowd made it hard for the group to get through, but Christian found an alleyway, behind a cloths shop and led the other two around the orgy of sellers. Kimberly almost jumped again at the sight of an archery shop, but remembered what Christian had said, seconds before. Upon reaching an armory, Christian took the northern path. Kimberly spotted a museum and just after that was a cathedral. After passing the castle, on their right, across from the cathedral, they reached the northern gate of Varrok. "Here is where we need to keep our guard up." Cautiously, Christian continued down the path making a right turn towards the west. Kimberly gasped!
Dead bodies and blood filled the ground ahead, as many warriors fought each other. Sword colliding with shields, armor being battered by maces and battle axes, and men shouting battle cries. The air was filled with the smell of day old dead bodies. Continuing behind the warning signs, from the battles Dominic spotted a woman carrying a baby, thrown to the ground with a sword rose against her. Christian saw Dominic haste for the man carrying the sword, and blocked the fatal blow, before it damaged the woman. Christian hurried after Dominic with arrows whizzing by his head and men that were charging after Dominic, who was dueling a well armed man, one on one. Dominic swung across, but his sword was blocked by the enemy force. Christian quickly grabbed the woman and took her and her child to safety next to Kimberly, then rushed back to help Dominic. Tripping over dead bodies, Dominic could hardly defend himself against so many others. One man raised his long sword above his head to cut down Dominic. It was Christian's two-hander that hacked the blade in half before it reached Dominic's head. Back to back the two knights stood weapons raised, ready for an attack. "Two of us, nine of them," Dominic whispered to his partner.
"Make that ten, Dominic..." Whispered back Christian worriedly, as an ogre of a man stomped between two men, that circled Dominic and Christian. "Kimberly leaning her back against a tree, hidden to the men and her two friends, held her bow with an arrow, tight. She turned around the tree briefly aiming for the giant, She let go of the string, and the arrow flew past the giant's leg, and hit the man next to him, in the head. The large man looked over and charged Kimberly with a two-hander sword, held by one hand, and a shield in the other. At seeing what was happening, Christian bolted after him, cutting down two men in the process. Dominic, surrounded by six men, attacked one and both exchanged 4 bouts before the enemy fell.
With the giant charging Kimberly, she pulled some runes out of her pouch, put her hand forward and shouted, "Colpo del fuoco!" Fire blazed from Kimberly's hand, spearing the giant in the stomach. Christian stopped running as the giant flew backwards over his head. Kimberly smiled at Christian, then pointed west, "There is the inn, I will take the woman and her baby inside, then come back to help." Christian nodded, and ran for battle. Dominic had cleared most of the men, but there were still two left. Both friends leaped forward and cut down both men in a single blow. With the woman in hand, Kimberly was almost to the inn. Upon victory, Christian and Dominic began to walk away.
"Where do you think your going?" the giant got up, chest burned and beard singed. "I'm gonna step on you like a bug, stupid imp!" The giant lifted up his left leg about to plant his foot on Christian. After rolling away, Dominic went for his right leg, as Christian took a step back, and cut off the giant's big toe. The ground was the next thing the giant saw, as Dominic and Christian stood above him, "You fools! You cannot defeat me! I am the giant of the wilderness!" Getting up, the giant limped away north.
On his knees, Dominic prayed for the men he had just killed, "You could not have helped it to not kill them." Christian sighed, holding Dominic's shoulder. "You saved an innocent soul, instead of letting it die. Rather save one innocent soul, then to save ten souls corrupted by Zamorak's evil." Still kneeling in the blood he shed, Dominic answered.
"Is better to save ten souls, good or evil, and guide them on good ways, then to kill them without giving a chance." Dominic got up and smiled at Christian. "Come on, Kimberly is waiting for us."
When they reached the inn a man flew out, blasted by a gust of air. Kimberly stood there with her hand out, "That's what you get to trying to harm a woman!" Men, sitting down, cheered as Kimberly turned around to sit back at the table with the woman, which they had saved earlier. Christian and Dominic walked into the inn and each took a seat next to Kimberly. "Hello, Christian, hello Dominic. I have already talked to Dr. Harlow. He is waiting upstairs for you two. There, he will give you the stuff you need to kill Count Draynor. You will also get a small briefing on how to use them." Dominic and Christian went upstairs to meet Dr. Harlow.
"Hello, my slayers in training," Dr Harlow began.

Downstairs, Kimberly talked with the woman, while Dominic and Christian learned how to kill Count Draynor. "How did you end up in the wilderness?" Kimberly asked softly.
"I was at home, feeding my baby, when a group of men came in the house. My husband was gone at the time and I had no way to defend myself. The men took me to a hideout just beyond the wilderness." The woman continued on about how she was abused in a manner unspeakable. "They were to kill me, because they said they had their fun, and I was no use to them. I just want to go back home."
"It's ok; Me, Christian, and Dominic will take you home, before we do anything else. Where do you live?"
"I live in a small house in the back alleys of Varrok. It is a terrible place to live, thieves and muggers walk by our house everyday. Some attempt to rob us, but my husband is usually at home. I have been scared, for years, that one day my husband wouldn't be home to keep me safe."
"You cannot return to your house, in Varrok. We will take you and your husband to Falador Castle. There, you will be under the protection of the White Knights," promised Kimberly handing her a piece of paper and feather from her pack. "Can you draw a rough map to your house? It would be helpful" The woman agreed, dipped the feather in a bottle of ink, provided at every table, and drew away. Dominic and Christian came back down the staircase. Dominic was carrying a mallet and a stake in his pack. Looking back, Kimberly saw the two. "Your back! Do you have everything?"
"We do; Dr Harlow taught us everything, briefly," Christian answered. "Let us hurry to Draynor Manor."
"We need to make a stop in Varrok first. Then, take this woman and her family to Falador Castle." Kimberly planned, "I can take her and her baby to Falador Castle. Can you two go to her house and bring her husband there?"
"Yes, we will escort him there," agreed Christian. "Wait for us at the castle, and then we will go destroy Count Draynor."
"Take this," Kimberly handed Christian the piece of paper the woman had drawn on. "It is a map showing her house, and how to get there." Dominic and Christian left, while Kimberly helped the woman get ready for the trip.

On the way to the house, Christian and Dominic passed by a magic shop and some old trashed houses. "Here is the house," Dominic pointed left studying the map.
"Let's see if someone is home," Christian replied. Leading the way, Christian stepped up to the house. Dominic looked down an ally where a group of men were making bets on a man throwing knives.
Dominic said "Christian, you go get the husband, I will be down this ally, ok?" Christian nodded, and then turned towards the door again. As Dominic walked down the ally, he passed by poor people begging for food and money. Dominic pitied them and let fall a few coins. When he reached the end of the ally, Dominic watched as a man stood twenty paces away from a wall, threw a knife, and hit the target, dead on. "That's quite some skill," Dominic interrupted.
Looking back, the man holding the knives replied, "The best skill in all of Misthalin."
"But can that skill hit a moving target that uses a sword to stop the knives from hitting it?" Dominic grinned.
"We will just have to see," Replied the man.
"So we shall. What is your name?" Dominic asked drawing his sword and standing his shield against a wall.
"Andrew, Andrew the thief and master spy," replied the man. "Are you ready?"
"Ready as ever," assured Dominic.
"Let's just start with one knife." Andrew held the knife, by the blade, and threw it at Dominic. Dominic held up his sword and deflected the knife. Furious that he missed, Andrew threw three more, but all were swung down by Dominic's sword.
"Shall I dodge, and block them now?" Dominic asked with a grin.
"You can die for all I care!" shouted Andrew. Over and over again Andrew threw knives, as fast and as accurate as he could, but none were able to hit Dominic. A poor ragged boy crept towards Dominic's shield, reaching for it. Dominic deflected a knife. It flew above him and came down, falling into Dominic's hand. He threw it at the ground, near the boy. The lad jumped away looking at Dominic, who was waving his finger back and forth.
Christian shouted from down the ally. "Dominic, come on!" Andrew stood there with no knives left. He searched his belt looking for another knife to throw. Looking up, Andrew saw Dominic walk towards him.
"Here, I caught one." Dominic threw a knife to the ground before Andrew's feet. As Dominic turned the corner, Andrew grabbed the knife from the ground and threw it as hard as he could at Dominic. It just missed him, inches away from the back of his head and stuck to the wall behind him. Christian looked back at Dominic, then past him.
"He hit a bird. Who was that?" Christian questioned Dominic.
"Andrew, Andrew the thief and master spy. He is very good with a knife," explained Dominic. "Is this him?"
"Yes, this is Benjamin," answered Christian. "Let's go back to the castle. Kimberly will be waiting."

Chapter six: Battle for Draynor Village

"Kimberly, where is Christian and Dominic?" asked Nathan, when Kimberly entered the castle walls.
"They are following behind me, with the husband of this woman. Please take her to the guest quarters immediately." The gates opened and an older boy ran through, hit into Kimberly and continued to run into the castle. "Who was that?" asked Kimberly enraged at the young man's lack of manner.
"That was William. He is our messenger," explained Nathan. "William has incredible running abilities, but because of it he was only chosen to be a messenger, while all his friends are in training to become a knight."
"Well take this woman to my quarters. I want to hear what Will was in such a rush about," Kimberly ran after the boy, being sure not to miss him.

"What?! How could he do this?!" exclaimed Sir Vyvin pounding the armrest of his chair.
"It is true! I saw the army on my way back from Lumbridge," assured William.
Kimberly came through the doors asking, "What is wrong, Sir Vyvin?"
"Kimberly, where is Christian?" snapped Sir Vyvin. "I need him immediately!"
"He is on his way here," Kimberly explained. "He will be coming back with Dominic and another man."
"Well, without him, who can lead the army to Draynor Village?" asked Sir Vyvin.
"Draynor Village?" Kimberly gasped. "What is happening there?"
"Count Draynor has risen an army of undead creatures and is terrorizing Draynor Village." Sir Vyvin explained. "William just told me. You are well educated with killing demons and things like these. Will you lead the army?"
"I will," Kimberly looked over at William. "I request that William comes with me." Williams face lit up.
"What use do you have with the messenger boy?" questioned Sir Vyvin.
"I need someone to run a message back to the castle." Kimberly answered unsurely. William's face turned sad again.
"Very well, take fifty horsemen and two-hundred swordsmen. When Christian gets back here, I will send him with the full army."
"Yes, Sir Vyvin." Kimberly began to walk away. "Come on, William." When they left the council room, Kimberly turned towards William and asked, "What weapon are you best with?"
William gulped, "A battle axe, ma'am. And I am skilled with hatchets as well."
"Go to the armory and get a steel battle axe and four steel hatchets. You will need them," winked Kimberly.

An order was sent out to the army coordinator to round up the small army for Kimberly. The army was summoned and within a short time they were prepared to leave. Knights kissed their wives and loved ones and then mounted their horses, and even more knights did the same, but mounted nothing.

At the south gate of Falador, Kimberly turned to William asking, "Is this, your first battle?"
"I have seen, and been in many battles, but I have never fought," replied William.
"Well then, Will, this should be exciting for you." Kimberly looked back. "Head out!" she yelled, and the army traveled south-east, for Draynor Village.

The Main Army

"Christian, Dominic; Sir Vyvin wishes to see you immediately," shouted Nathan from atop the castle wall.
"Well open the gate, then," Christian shouted back. When they entered the castle, Christian asked, "Where is Kimberly?"
"She left with an army of fifty horsemen and some two-hundred swordsmen," Nathan began. "That is why Sir Vyvin wishes to see you."
"Kimberly came in here with a woman and an infant. Where is the woman now?" asked Christian.
"I escorted her to Kimberly's quarters," replied Nathan.
"Take this man to her. He is her husband."

Christian and Dominic marched into the council room. "You wish to see me. Sir Vyvin?"
"Yes, Kimberly left with a small army to Draynor Village, some hours ago." Sir Vyvin looked down. "Count Draynor has raised an army of undead creatures. Kimberly knows much about demons and such, so I send her off. You, Christian, will lead the main army to Draynor Village and protect the villagers. Make that your top priority!"
"Yes, Sir Vyvin," Christian agreed. "How many men are coming with me?"
"Five-hundred horsemen," Sir Vyvin glanced up. "One-thousand swordsmen and two-hundred archers. As for your friend, Dominic, who, of which, I have heard great things, will lead a small group of twenty-five horsemen, one-hundred swordsmen, and fifty archers. Dominic will hold the rank of commander for this battle. Hurry, I don't know how long Kimberly can hold them."
"Yes, Sir," agreed Christian "I will win this battle for you!" Christian and Dominic left the room and readied for Draynor Village.

The Battlefield of Draynor Village

When Kimberly's army reached Draynor Village, people were running south towards the wizard's tower. Kimberly hastened the army and led the attack! "Slaughter every one of them!" Shouted Kimberly. Horsemen flew by Kimberly and William, who were running for the village. The zombies were easily taken out, as the horsemen cut them down in one slice. "William, watch out!" Kimberly shot an arrow that flew past William and hit a zombie next to him. William looked at Kimberly and nodded his head, in thanks. Turning around, William charged a group of zombies with his battle axe. While attacking, William threw a hatchet at one. The zombie fell to the ground, and William picked up his hatchet from the zombie's rotten head.
Kimberly looked around. The battle seemed to be a victory, but the zombies would not stop attacking. When one was killed two more sprouted from the Draynor Woods. Trees whipped their branches at the horsemen, causing them to hit ground. Quickly the swordsmen behind them would slice the tree, and then attack the zombies. Kimberly ran over to William, and commanded, "Take five men with you to the wizard's tower, just south of here. Find a wizard named Traiborn, and ask him for help. Tell him Kimberly sent you!" William nodded his head, then quickly found five men and ran south with them. Many Zombies followed the group, but Kimberly's fast archery quickly broke off the pursuers. Kimberly turned back towards the Draynor Woods and attacked again.

Attack from the North

"Kimberly has the enemy from the south. We will surprise them and attack at the north point!" Christian looked up at Dominic. "I want you, Dominic, to stay behind the main army and visit the dwarves. We will need their help," commanded Christian. "Once you have the Dwarves, come south and attack Draynor Manor. I will be waiting for you."
"Alright," Dominic stood next to Christian, thinking about his part in the battle. "I will be with you at the battle as soon as I get the dwarves."
"Good, I will need you there. Meet me at the north Falador gate, with your army," Christian stood up, putting on his helmet. "I will see you there, Dominic."

At the north gate, Christian and Dominic met, and rode off together along the ridge of Ice Mountain, as they had earlier that day. "Here, Dominic, this is where we part. Take your army north, while I continue west for the north point of Draynor Manor. You can find an entrance to the Dwarven Mines atop that mountain."
Dominic gazed north, then back at Christian, "Be careful. Whatever happens, I will be there for you!"
Chris nodded, with a smile, "And I you, friend."

Christian led his small army north, towards the foot of the mountain. A monk was traveling north as well. Dominic stopped and asked, "Monk, do you know the best way to the Dwarven Mines?"
"I do," replied the monk. "See that pass there? Go along there until you reach a cliff. Head south from that point, there you will find an entrance." The monk pointed east. "May I ask why you are going there with such an army?"
"I seek their help with a war," Dominic explained. "Count Draynor has raised an army of the undead. We are gathering all the help we can get."
"I will pray for you, young knight," the monk turned away and continued north.
"Thank you, monk," Dominic looked east. "Move out!" Dominic yelled.

The army traveled east for the pass. The air grew thin, and some men blacked out. "We will lose more men if we continue," thought Dominic. He turned to his captain and commanded the captain to take the army back down to the foot of the mountain. The Captain did so, as Dominic and three able men continued on.
Holding his hand up, in a fist, Dominic stopped. "The cliff the monk was talking about." Dominic gazed in aw at the huge rock wall. "Come, we travel south!" ordered Dominic.

"There is the manor," Christian glared. "But where is the army of undead?" A hand came out of the ground and snagged Christian's foot, and was being pulled under. Drawing his sword, Christian cut the arm in half. Careful men, the army dwells below us. The entire army drew their swords, and readied for the army to pop out, at any moment. The sound of yelling was heard, and began to grow, as the army traveled south for Draynor Manor.
"There, sir," pointed out a soldier. "There are Faladians fighting over there. It is the army of the undead." The soldier, who noticed the battle, was caught off guard, and was pulled underneath the ground.
"Hurry!!" yelled Christian. "We must keep moving, or they will take all of us, Charge!!!" Christian, with his sword lowered to his side, ran towards the battle. A few seconds later, the entire army ran after him. The horsemen got ahead of Christian and many men on foot sank into the ground, pulled by zombies. As they entered the battle field, the zombies turned around, with no time to defend, and were slaughtered. When the zombie force recovered from the blow, they attacked the north side. Christian called two captains away from battle, "Cut a line through the enemy force, we must reach the south!" Both captains accepted, and gathered men for the move. Christian led the maneuver.

Christian and his army had almost reached the south of Draynor Woods. Looking beyond the battle, Christian saw Kimberly hands red with fire. Kimberly pulled her hands back, and then released them at the manor yelling a magic spell, "Bullone del fuoco!" Fire blazed from Kimberly's hands, disintegrating all undead creatures that were in its path. Smoke rose from the door of Draynor Manor. In the moonlight, standing on the manor roof, Count Draynor's eyes glowed with a red light. The count glared at Kimberly, turned back, and disappeared into the cloud of smoke as it rose.

Knights, Dwarves, and Thieves

Dominic returned with two-hundred or so dwarves and the army prepared for battle, just north of Draynor Manor. The sun shined through a gap in the clouds. "It is an omen of good things," reports a soldier. "We must be winning the battle." Out of the corner of his eye, Dominic saw sunlight being reflected off of something shiny. From behind him two zombies jump out of the ground and attack Dominic. No man had enough time to see them coming. Two knives flew through the zombies' heads, and both fell to the ground. Dominic looked around in confusion. The sun's reflection seemed to come closer, as it disappeared and revealed Andrew the thief and some 100 others ready for battle.
"My right hand man said there was an army marching to Draynor Manor," Andrew spoke, continuing to walk closer. "When another spy told me there were two other armies headed for Draynor, and one led by you, I decided to come and join the fun."
"How fortunate I am, to find you here to help me," Dominic admitted "But it shall be a hard battle, and we do not expect to win. You and your companion are but thieves and are only experienced with knives and daggers, are you sure you want to join us?"
"That was one thing you did not see me with before," Andrew chuckled, grabbing a spear looking weapon from one of his men. "This is called a halberd. Every man with me is greater skilled with one, than a metalworker at working with metal. We fear no hell risen, mindless zombies, who should be dead."
Dominic, being impressed, replied, "Then let us go into battle, and not lose another moment! Charge!!"

Dominic pulled out his sword, faced it towards Draynor Manor, and ran forward. The thieves quickly passed Dominic when a huge fireball rose from the manor's front. Zombies tried to grab the thieves' feet, but they were too fast for the Zombies to catch. The swordsmen who were easily grabbed by the zombies were aware of the attack and kept a close eye on the ground. Many men fell from the zombies, but most were freed by a nearby man ready to help out a fellow knight. Dominic's army reached the battlefield and attacked the enemy of undead. The sun that shown through the clouds was suddenly covered up, as giant zombie broke through the manor gates and attacked the Faladian Knights, and killed many.

Dominic and Andrew fought, side by side, occasionally leaving each other. The Dwarves were having trouble still getting across the field leading to Draynor Manor. With their feet being held, the dwarves could not get past, for they were too slow to dodge the hands. Andrew saw the dilemma and ordered his thieves to cut them loose. When the dwarves were finally freed, the Faladian forces took an upper hand on the north side of the battlefield. With the north side cleared of enemies the thieves and knights continued south, but the dwarves saw the manor just beyond the gate surrounding the manor. The dwarves crumbled the gate with their huge battle axes, and headed for the manor wall. Just before they reached the building's wall, the trees came alive and attacked them. The thieves and knights had already gone to the south of the battlefield, and could not see the dwarves in trouble. Although the humans could not help, wizards tall and strong appeared out of nowhere and began shooting fire at the trees.

In the south Dominic and Andrew had just reached Kimberly and Christian, when William appeared out of thin air and greeted them, along with fifty or so wizards. "The wizards have agreed to help," exclaimed William. "Even though it took awhile to convince them, they decided to help."
Dominic looked around and asked "Where are the dwarves? Your thieves freed them from the zombies didn't they, Andrew?"
"Indeed they did," answered Andrew "I haven't seen them since."
"Do not fear for your companions," told a wizard walking towards them. "I saw them in trouble with the trees and had the other twenty of us to help them. They have already raided the back entrance of the manor."
"How do you know this?" asked Dominic.
Kimberly replied, "Do you forget, Dominic? He is a wizard."
"This is very nice, us chatting and all," interrupted Christian. "But we got a vampire to kill" At the moment Christian finished a hoard of dwarves came running out the crumbled front doors of Draynor Manor. The giant zombie was surprised from behind and had not time to evade the attack, or retaliate after he had fallen. One dwarf cut the giant creature at the ankle and fell him, while others sliced their axes at the monster. At ground impact the large zombie turned to dust, and then reformed as a demon.
"We know how to kill a vampire," backed up Dominic. "But how do you kill a devil?"
"It is not a devil," assured Kimberly. "It is only a demon. From what it appears it is not as strong as some demons I have seen. This is more of an overgrown imp! But even imps are tricky, and devilish. Attack its heels. Those are a demon's weakest part of his body, and then cut off his head."
Christian looked on at the demon, and charged it, commanding the others to attack as well. Dominic ran ahead of Christian and was five yards away form the beast, when it swung its huge arm. Dominic ducked and slid between its feet, swinging at the monsters heel. Dominic's sword missed the heel and hit the foreleg of the demon, as Christian jumped onto the demon's shoulder, dodging his arm. The mud did not allow Dominic to stop and turn around, but flew Dominic into a wall hurting his leg. Christian raised his two-hander and swung at the demon's head, but it only cut the demon's horn off. William took two hatchets and threw them at the upper legs of the demon, meeting its target, as Andrew threw a knife, and lodging it in the demon's head. Pulling up her bow, Kimberly shot an arrow, splitting the knife handle, and then pounding the blade even farther in.
"You idiot!" exclaimed Andrew, "You destroyed my knife! Now I can't use it again." Enraged, Andrew pulled his halberd off his back and ran around the demon, confusing it. At the right moment Andrew slashed his halberd skillfully at the demon's heels. When the demon had nearly fallen to the ground, Andrew slashed upwards and cut the neck of the falling demon, letting its head hit the ground, apart from the body. Andrew stabbed the demon's head and lifted it into the air, yelling, "Envy the hero!"

Chapter Seven: Count Draynor

"The demon has fallen, and there's the manor door," Christian proclaimed with a glare of hate in his eyes. "Let us go in and defeat Count Draynor once and for all." Christian ran in the doors and the group, Dominic, William, Kimberly, and Andrew followed.
Before Andrew went inside he looked over to a fellow thief and commanded, "Win this battle for me. I am going in to destroy their leader." Everyone, but Andrew, got inside before the door closed, as it had done many times before.
A high screechy voice came from every corner of the room, "Ha-ha, You will never get in, Andrew the thief. Give up now, for you cannot win!"
Andrew replied in a great rage, "I have had enough of this!" and cut open, with his halberd, the door which blocked his entry. Once Andrew got through the same screeching voice screamed and faded into the floor below.

Dominic looked around trying to remember the way they went when they first encountered Count Draynor. "There," he pointed. "Past the skeleton's closet and down the hallway to the back door, there should be a staircase, leading down, which we must submerge. Do you remember, Chris?"
"I do," replied Christian. "I remember it all" They walked a few paces forward with their weapons ready, towards the hallway. Once they reached it, Christian stared down it with a face full of hatred. Kimberly noticed Chris and began to worry.
"Come on," Kimberly interrupted the silence. "We can't kill a vampire, by just standing here." Kimberly led forward and everyone followed, but Christian stood a moment, and then began to follow.

Upon reaching the staircase William peeked down, when he froze in shock. Dominic quickly grabbed him away from the staircase and gave him a good shake. "You mustn't fear the count." Dominic made known. "That fear will only lead to your death." Dominic snuck his way down the stairs, and then gave the signal for everyone to follow. Nobody saw the count, or could get a clue to where he was. There was nothing in the room that he had usually been in, besides a coffin. William was the last one to leave his foot from the staircase, and when he did it crumbled into dust. Everyone looked back and saw the piles of dust on the floor. The walls began to echo a screeching noise that pierced the ear. Soon the count formed himself from nothing and appeared in front of them, on the other side of the room.
"You little fools! You cannot defeat me!" the count laughed in a high voice. "I cannot die from your mere metal weapons!"
"Then what about this?" Kimberly pulled a piece of garlic from her pouch and threw it at Count Draynor.
"Idiots, my weakness to garlic will not be enough to defeat me," angered the count, eye-searching his enemies. Christian lowered his two-hander and held a wooden stake ready in his pouch that Dr. Harlow gave him. When the vampire saw the stake he screeched again and attacked Christian. Dominic got in the way and pushed the count against the wall with his shield. Kimberly then pulled out and arrow and readied it for an attack. Count Draynor got up and ran along the wall of the room to where Kimberly was. Many arrows flew from Kim's bow, but none hit. A slash across the chest dropped Kimberly to the ground. The count was about to attack her on the ground, but Christian quickly stepped in and defended her. Andrew and William stood together watching the count's every move. Andrew lifted his halberd and threw it at the count who was bouncing off the walls, and pinned him. The count looked at his own chest, with the halberd stuck in, pulled it out, and threw it back Andrew. Andrew saw it coming, but could not dodge it fast enough. It struck him in the leg and dropped him against the floor. Dominic saw the fallen friend and slashed his sword at the count, over and over again. Many times the sword made connection, but all times the count felt nothing. Trapping Dominic to a corner, allowed the count to make on foul swing and kill Dominic. William yelled and threw his last two hatchets at the count's back. The count saw the hatchets flying at him, grabbed Dominic, and turned around with Dominic in-between the hatchets and the count. Dominic closed his eyes readying for the impact, but both missed Dominic. One cut open Draynor's side, and one hit the wall behind him. Count Draynor slit the back of Dominic's neck then threw him aside. William pulled out his battle axe and charged Count Draynor. Claws flew and a battle axe swung left and right. William hit the count four times inflicting visual damage, but Will knew that the count felt none of it.

Christian was still aiding to Kimberly, but when he heard Will fall to the ground screaming, Christian looked at him on the floor then at everyone else. He rose, grabbed his two-hander sword, and reminded Count Draynor, "This is the two-hander that my brother fought you with, and it will be the two-hander that leads to your death!" Christian swung his sword to his left side, then ran at Count Draynor and slashed across his body hacking halfway inside the count's body. Continuing to hack at the count, Christian did with rage and hate. Draynor's eyes glowed red, but when his mind flashed back in memory of a battle similar to this, he felt de'javous and stood, paralyzed, giving Chris another chance to attack with ease. The count continued to have flash backs remembering the battle between Chris's brother and him. He could not stand it anymore, and grabbed Christian by the neck and raised him in the air. Christian did not realize what was happening until it was too late to get away. The two-hander dropped to the ground and Christian tried to pull Draynor's hands away, but the count continued on, with eyes red, full of pleasure and hate. Gagging and struggling did not help Christian in his attempt to escape the vampire's grasp.

Kimberly, Andrew, William, and Dominic lay on the floor, beat. Dominic pulled out his stake, at seeing his friend in trouble. Kimberly as well saw Christian being strangled, and pulled out an arrow, with no arrowhead, but a sharpened wooden tip. Dominic raised the stake, as Kimberly readied the arrow in her bow. Kimberly shot and Dominic threw his stake, and the vampire was pierced in the eye with the arrow, and then stabbed in the temple with the stake. The count dropped Christian, and was defenseless for a small moment. Christian took advantage of the opportunity and struck the vampire's heart with his own stake, then hammered it in with the sludge that he received when Kim, Chris, and Dominic visited Dr. Harlow. The vampire stood motionless for a few seconds then melted into ash. Christian helped everyone get up. Christian boosted everyone back to the surface floor, and then Dominic helped Christian up. They all walked out of the front manor door, together.

When they reached the outside they realized that all the zombies had been turned into ash as well. The remaining White Knights, Dwarves, Thieves, and Wizards marched to Falador Castle with their heads high, smelling the sweet air of victory. The army passed through the city gates and into town. For the first time Dominic entered the city, being able to see the city in full daylight, and without rushing through it. Dominic entered Falador at the head of the army, with Christian, Kimberly, William, and Andrew all at his side. He gazed at the buildings in amazement and sighed a sigh of relief. He noticed the bank at the right, immediately after the south gate and the chain shop to the left. The moat flowed around the castle at their left as well, and a park lay just ahead of them. They turned north-east along the rock path, passing the entrance of the park. They reached the market in the middle of four buildings. The most southeastern showed a sign reading...
The Rising Sun Pub

The shop north-west of the market was a shield shop. The south-west held a furnace house, and the north-east held a general store. The army turned south from the market and into the castle.

When they reached the castle the huge army was let in, and Dominic, Christian, Kimberly, William, and Andrew entered Sir Vyvin's counsel room and addressed him. "Sir Vyvin," Christian called. "We have come back victorious from battle. The dwarves of the Dwarven Mines, the Thieves of Varrok, and the Wizards of the Wizard's tower came long and helped us win the battle. If it were not for them, we would not have been victorious."
Well then let us reward them with medals of valor, and eternal friendship to the White Knights," replied sir Vyvin. Sir Vyvin walked over to a cabinet in the corner and pulled out seven medals of valor, amongst a large collection of them. "Follow me outside, please." Sir Vyvin stepped outside and addressed the army. "Thank you everyone for your help in the battle against Count Draynor. Your efforts will not go unnoticed" Sir Vyvin placed a medal around Christian's, Kimberly's, Dominic's, and William's necks and congratulated him saying, "You will be remembered in the Hall of the White Knights forever." He then turned to Andrew, placed the medal around his neck, and proclaimed, "You and your band of thieves will also be remembered in our hall. Please give us word about what is going on in the Kingdom of Misthalin. I am pleased to award you and your party with this metal."

Sir Vyvin then awarded the Dwarf Commander and Traiborn the Wizard with medals and gave eternal gratitude. "Now William, Dominic, and Andrew come and I will make you White Knights," requested Sir Vyvin.
But before Sir Vyvin could finish a thief ran into the courtyard and spoke to Andrew telling him, "The demon, Delrith has been summoned by and evil wizard and threatens Varrok. Sir Prysin defeated him years ago, but he has returned."
Andrew then turned around and declined, "Sorry, but maybe another time. I got a demon to kill." Andrew turned to William, Dominic, Christian and Kimberly. "Will you assist me in my quest?"
"A vacation to Misthalin, sure!" replied Kimberly. "Maybe that staff shop will be open now!"
"If you want to come, then come now," Andrew commanded. "I will not wait for stranglers."
"Then lets go!" hurried Christian. "I want to see this, Delrith." They all ran into the crowd and out towards the northern city gate, headed for Varrok. Before they got past the castle gates William turned to Vyvin, smiled, and saluted him sarcastically. Sir Vyvin sighed and went back into the castle.

The End


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I was really kind of hoping the story would end with the cook going "I'll give him five more minutes, but that's it." Dude forgot the birthday cake entirely. :P



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Only Fuzzy Bunny. I thought this story was lost forever. I wrote this when I was 14. I am 25 years old now. WTF is this nostalgia?


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Lochner wrote:
Only Fuzzy Bunny. I thought this story was lost forever. I wrote this when I was 14. I am 25 years old now. WTF is this nostalgia?
I know, right? Same deal here; ZB1 was 11 years ago. It's crazy.



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