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 Post subject: Ah... it was only this time just about a year ago...
PostPosted: December 11th, 2013, 2:12 pm 
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That I learned Range Murata was working on a "project" and showed a mere 7 drawings revealing it undoubtedly to be a Last Exile sequel...

Every step of the way I frantically refreshed the page as soon as it came up OMG OMG.. ANOTHER SHIP *save image* *save image*

AMAGURD a release DATE!? Last Exile Fam the Silver Wing... ok weird?

I no-joke watched every episode within an hour that it came out. Then it kept going I enjoyed the ships, the plotline had a lot of weird holes now and then but it wasn't bad.

Then it got weird.

The show instantly reveals an ultimate weapon skipping over things like

Why the frick was Alvis even THERE (girl from the last show) She ended up doing nothing.

They skip over other answers like "why are there 8 Exiles? Why do none look like the Exile from the other show? Uhhh... why are the guild on "earth" so much more awesome and why'd they die out? Why was this super weapon the size of 10 Nimitz class carriers so easily defeated randomly in one episode?

And worst off [spoil]WHY THE Fuzzy Bunny IS CLAUS PARALYZED???? IN A WHEEL CHAIR ARE YOU FULL OF Fuzzy Bunny?

*Catches breath*

The show fell apart to sum that up. It was good for about... 15 episodes then it went into "WTF" territory. The show basically durped out 13 episodes worth of plot in 3 then the last one was "ahurrr"

I've never really "reviewed" this show for this reason.
The hurt and pain was too fresh in my mind. The utter BETRAYAL that they did to me. Took one of my most favorite revered anime that I judge all others by.

The show wasn't horrible. But as a sequel to one of my most favorite shows? It's like putting a hotdog next to prime steak. Kids might like it, but you're going to need a lot of condiments to make a hotdog this undercooked and bad to taste decent.

The best parts of the show, the character designs thanks to: Range Murata. 9/10
The ships were neat, but some were a bit... make no sense. 7/10
The plot disintegrates roughly half way through 3/10
The level of dissappoint after seeing Last Exile? 9/10
The only way it could have been MORE disappointing was if Range Murata in his lolicon complex had made it any more fanservicey.... yea there's some of that too.

My opinion what happened. A few years before this was made, Gonzo had about half its main staff leave. This included their main director, and also their best director... Mahiro Maeda. This is the guy responsible for like Blue Submarine, He had a hand in Turn A Gundam, Evangeleon, and Escaflowne. Combined with Range Murata and an all-star cast, they together made Last Exile work.

The only thing in common between Last Exile and Fam the Silver Wing... is Range Murata. The character designer and concept artist. And he REALLY likes drawing 'little girls' as he says himself. Just Saiyan.
Without anyone to restrain him, the show really had no foundation and nothing but a character designer.

I later found out that the writers were also from Strike Witches....
A show that also has virtually no plot line... so that explains a lot.

So there you have it... my pseudo reiew of "Fam the Silver Wing"

As the FORMER director of Gonzo once said... "watch shangri-la" since it's effectively "The last anime the REAL Gonzo made."

My older Shangri-La review. One of a very few 10/10 anime's I've ever seen.

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 Post subject: Re: Ah... it was only this time just about a year ago...
PostPosted: December 11th, 2013, 9:29 pm 
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Ok. So last exile was good enough to make you that excited about a sequel, then i'm adding the last exile to my list!


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