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 Post subject: Infomesh's guide to impure pking
PostPosted: April 25th, 2006, 11:54 pm 
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Infomesh3's Guide to impure-pking.

ABSOLUTE BASIC: Appropriate Stats.
1. What to wear
2. What to bring
3. Combat appropriate pking
4. Combat tactics
5. Fighting pures
6. Honorable Pking
7. Special thanks

ABSOLUTE BASIC: Appropriate stats.
Now this applies to anyone in the levels of 80-100.
(because if your over combat 100,
should already know how to pk.)
Now the best choice for a balanced stat pker, is melee/Ancienting,
Your strength and attack should be 73+ and defense should at least be 70.
Your magic should be at least 70, and ranged level 70, (for black dhide)

Chapter 1. What to wear.

The impure pker is best off using melee, (note: Impure pking is actually much safer than pking on a pure.)
So the items to wear, should be,


Head: Beserker helm, Warrior helm, or Rune large (if you haven't done fremmenik Trials)
Neck: Amulet of Strength, Amulet of Power. (strength reccomended)
Chest: Rune plate, rockshell plate.
Shield: Rune kite, Obby shield
Legs: Rune legs, rockshell legs.
Cape: Legends, Obby cape, God cape. (Cape isn't necessarily a must, but best idea would be God cape.)
Hands: Rune, Dragon, or Dark gloves. (All obtained from parts of recipe for disaster)
Feet: Climbing boots.
Weapon: Dragon Scimitar (or abbyssal whip if you don't mind risking it.)
Dragon Dagger (p), (+) or (s), (or D Mace if your fighting someone with good armour).


Head: Mystic hat
Chest: Splitbark top.
Legs: Mystic legs
Weapon: Ancient Staff. (optional)
All other items will remain worn (see meleer items)
(ALSO! It is a good Idea to bring black dragonhide Top and legs.
But don't waste too much space.)

Chapter 2. What to bring

The impure pker does not have collossal combat stats normally, so he needs a little help.


1. One Super attack, Super strength, Super defense potion (also called super set, can be bought 10k)
2. Two Prayer potions (4) dose, or if your in low level wild, One (4) dose.
3. Paddewa Teleport runes (or, Highly suggested) Lletya teleport crystal (3) (obtained from mournings end Pt. 1)
4. Runes for ice burst, (or blitz, if you are 82+ magic) for ice burst, 2 death, 4 chaos, 4 water per cast.
5. Fill up the rest of your inventory with cooked sharks.

Chapter 3. Combat appropriate pking

If you are an impure pker, chances are you will not have 81+ magic. So these are places you can PK
where your opponent will not find teleporting easy.


Location 1. Ardrounge teleport house.
This house leads directly into level 55 wilderness, so it has major ups and downs,
There are alot of high level pkers who have teleblock, so you could end up in a sticky situation here,
If your lucky, you'll meet a level 70+ pker. who are quite easy to kill instantly, and you can freeze them to keep
them from reaching the lever.
There are many high level pkers who will be able to attack you here! mostly level 110+ that you should worry about!
If you see one, your best chance is to,
A. Reach the teleport house and get out if your not teleblocked, (gets you out in one piece)
B. Run through some aggressive monsters that will attack your pursuer (puts distance in-between you and pursuer)
which blocks arrows and spells, get them hooked behind something, and run south as fast as possible.
(saves your sorry booty from getting owned.)

Location 2. Green dragons, level 13 wild.
This spot is great for pking, because there are many people here, doings wild assortments of things.
(Note: the higher populated world, more chances of there being more pkers.)
It's not beneficial to attack dragon slayers, because most of the time, they are not skulled, and are 3 or 4 iteming
(meaning they wear 4 items so they wont lose anything if they die somehow)
Your best best is killing the pkers who are preying on the helpless.

There are many other locations that you can find, so go explore. Find them!

Chapter 4. PK tactics

Okay, the people you want to go for, is mages and rangers.

Mages are extremely low defense! so they
are very easy to KO. (Kill while your opponent still has food) However, they have the ability to entangle you,
teleblock, then do heavy damage with spells. Your best bet against one, is putting on equipment with high mage defense,
getting close, then hitting with Dragon dagger specials, (using super sets, and using your Ultimate Strength and Incredible Reflexes.)
That should give them a good scare, and they'll teleport, or they'll die, and drop goodies.

Rangers will try to get you low on hitpoints, then special you with magic shortbow, if they're good, they are capable of hitting pretty high.
(20+) however, they have very bad armour, so you are at an advantage. The trick to rangers, is while your "buffed (Super set, Prayer)"
To attack then with your Primary weapon, get them to about half health, (they should be about 40-50 hp) Then use your Dragon dagger
Special attacks. You'll hit them very hard, and its a very good chance you'll KO them, If you dont kill them, switch back to your scimitar,
and turn off your prayers until you have about 2 special attacks, be sure to watch your health, and dont let it drop below 50.
(First time i tried this tactic, i pked a whip, full black dhide, rune kiteshield.)

Melee vs. Melee.
These battles prove the most beneficial as meleers equipment is usually the most expensive, these battle usually take a little while,
But your best bet, is when you attack them, unload all your dragon dagger specials while "buffed" which should get them to about half health
or lower, then switch to your primary weapon and watch your prayer points, drinking prayer potions and eating regularly, don't let your HP
fall below 50, because in a battle, a 25/25 Dragon dagger special is not uncommon.

Chapter 5. Fighting Pures.

Pures are deadly opponents that are not to be underestimated....

The trick to fighting pures is three words... Defense, defense, and defense.
Think of it like this.... they have the same stats natural, that you do "buffed." They can hit extremely high, and often,
However!! they're not invincible, because usually they have extremely low defense, which is bad for them.
Now whatever you do, if you have a pure on the defensive, DO NOT SWITCH WEAPONS!! you'll end your hitting spree,
they'll recover, then you'll be on defensive immediatly trying to stay alive. To beat pures, use the same tactic as you do rangers,
Attack them using ur Dragon dagger, Now pures dont believe in "Safe eating" (this is where you risk having half health, and in turn,
you get in more attacks on your opponent, which can be deadly, or fatal.) So pures probably wont eat until you get them below half health.
Then, once they're hp is below half, make sure all ur buffs are on, (dont drink any potions at this point! you'll give them time to
attack and eat) so make sure you have all buffs on when you start to fight them, when they are half health, USE ALL YOUR
DRAGON DAGGER SPECIALS!! because each one is capable of doing massive damage, and in addition, they have extremely low defense,
and will probably be wearing monks robes. Chances are, you'll KO them. If you dont, keep your health above 60 at all times!!!
still beware, I have witnessed a 30/30 special attack. so your still not exactly safe. All in all, i would suggest avoiding pures, because
All they have to do is pray to keep their whip (which 90% of the time they use one) and all you'll get is they're dds.

Chapter 6. Honorable Pking, (this is important!)

Rule 1: NEVER EVER flame your opponent!! Flaming (insulting, harrassing) your opponent will end very badly,
and usually if theres someone watching, it'll get you piled, and pked.

Rule 2: Never attack people minding their own business. I know its hard to resist, but if you see someone in deep level wild wearing
nothing worth pking, chances are they are doing a clue, and nothing is worse than dying while doing a clue. (not to mention you
don't get anything) This also goes for Non-skulled dragon slayers, and Abbyssal runecrafters (especially them).

Rule 3: Never try to lure someone out by insulting them, or calling them chicken, this is extremely rude, and not to mention
demoralizing. Anyone who does this usually ends up dying and losing alot of stuff, because it gets everyone mad at them.

FINAL RULE: If you die while pking, don't get mad if this happens, because bad things will happen, but your only playing the game
to have fun, remember this. If you die, don't blame yourself, or anyone else, live with it, and promise to do better next time.

Special thanks:
T Y 123, who gave me various tips, and encouraging me, Imlkrsfn2, whos an awesome pker, and honorable one too,
Pkranger828, the first person to know about this guide, Windell, my old buddy who is always giving tips for pking,
Kraxen, my brothers mage pure, for proving that in a world of pures, anyone can win =)
and last but not least, ALL YOU who read this guide, I hope it helps you alot,
and remember STAY IMPURE!
Thank you.



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next u should add some pics other than that its pretty good! :D

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