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 Post subject: Crazy Chimpanzees - A Roleplaying Story
PostPosted: January 3rd, 2007, 7:54 pm 
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Alright, how this RP works is that we take turns writing a three paragraph part to a story. Each paragraph must have at the most, 5 sentences.

So, once again.

1 Person can post 1 part of the story per post. No double-posting allowed. Use decent SPAG (spelling, punctuation, and grammar). Alright, this is what a part consists of.

1 Part = Three or less Paragraphs / 1 Paragraph = Five or less Sentences

Right, so I'll write the first part. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Be sure to name your part. Have the title of the part bolded and underlined. You may use italics for your title if you wish. Feel free to add any characters you wish. Keep the story appropriate. Keep in mind this is a Non-RS based story. Also, this is a wacky type story, so crazy things may happen.

PART ONE: Crazy Chimpanzees
John Arnon wiped the sweat from his brow. He had been stuck in the jungle for almost a week, chased by the insane chimpanzees. CRACK!, went a twig behind him. Turning, he saw another chimpanzee. In one hand it held a banana, the other, a smoke grenade.

The banana wasn't peeled yet, so John realized it was for another insane purpose. The chimp began to peel the smoke grenade! "What the cheese?!?" shouted John in shock. The chimp dropped the peeled grenade in his mouth and swallowed. It began to laugh like a crazy... well, like a crazy chimpanzee.

Then, the chimp pulled off the top of the banana peel and threw the rest of the banana at John. John looked at it sail through the air, and yelled as smoke covered his vision in a big BANG! as the banana hit the ground and exploded. "Ahk!" shouted John, falling backwards and hitting his head. The world went black, and the last John saw was the chimp emerging from the smoke toward him. This was the beginning of his story, the beginning of Crazy Chimpanzees.


There you go! Hope to see everyone add on to this wacky story :D

Feel free to add me on Steam:

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